GamesRadar: Flock! - hands-on

GamesRadar writes: "Abduction isn't normally a funny thing. But say it happens to animals instead of children, and the kidnappers are aliens instead of a sex slave cartel, and it gets pretty hilarious. That pretty much explains Capcom's upcoming downloadable title, Flock, an adventure in animal theft. Playing as a flying saucer, you guide farm animals to your mothership to take them into space to... well, we don't know, but we've been assured it's positive and for a good cause.

Sadly, you can't just pick up a mammal yourself and drop it off; that would be too easy. You must make do with a light coming out of the ship that scares the little guys into running away from you. Much like Batman, you use that fear to control them, making them run to your home base, which then sucks them in until you've met your quota and can move on to the next farm. The challenge comes from getting the livestock into the ship, instead of accidentally making them fall into the many pits and other obstacles all over the area."

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