Bayonetta Announced for Super Smash Bros.

Everybody's favorite glass-sporting female video game character will soon be joining the Super Smash Bros. fight.

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DarkOcelet2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

First Cloud and now Bayonetta, thats pretty awesome.

JohnathanACE2104d ago


Imagine having Snake back with a Big Boss alt. Would have been amazing but maybe next time.

Bansai2104d ago

Snake is now busy with Pachinkos.

Zoff2103d ago

Snake was so much fun. Especially with the smash attacks he had in project M.

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Hoffmann2104d ago

Bayonetta should have joined Smash broa. last year already though.

pcz2104d ago

it was a fantastic direct.

beyonetta in smash is cool

smash is crazy.

my only disappointment is that they didnt announce a smash bros ultimate for retail with all the dlc.

i mean, i have not played this smash on wiiu, and if i were to buy it now, i would have to spend a fortune on dlc...

why dont they just release a new version at retail with everything included.

package it with a cloud amiibo and you got a sale..

Concertoine2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

I am hoping they do that as well, for the preservation of this game. Otherwise we'll have all kinds of versions of smash like 1.06 and crap floating around with half the characters and the final version of smash 4 will only survive as long as the consoles do.

Smash 4 Ultimate, with the final patch, all DLC characters, and all stages pressed on to the disc.

deafdani2104d ago

If you were to buy only the playable characters, and disregard the rest of the DLC (which is cosmetic and doesn't impact the game in any significant way), then you would spend an extra $35 for 7 characters. An average of $5 per character.

That's quite a bit of money, but not as much as you would spend if you just bought ALL the DLC, which would be an absurd overkill and totally unnecessary.

Or you could just not buy the DLC and get used to the base game at first. As it is, it's already got an absurd amount of content and characters on the disc.

Either way, good luck. ;)

RosweeSon2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

I was thinking they may do a GOTY edition but with their DLC prices that was very wishful thinking on my part but it is quite crazy I'll get Bayonetta for sure but having already got Ryu and Lucas for both Wii U/3ds and the couple of stages (luckily got mewtwo for free) but if I was to buy the other 3-4 characters I have left to buy I've pretty much bought another whole game again, I love smash bros and I'm happy for a couple of new additions but at £5/6 each they soon rack up, the games are great value for money as it is but when I'm paying nearly a 1/6th of what the game cost day one a year ago for one character?! it's quite expensive.
Shame Snake wasn't snuck in or Tails and Knuckles to join Sonic maybe even Ryo from Shenmue, final smash he runs you down in his forklift truck.

GordonKnight2104d ago

They might in the future, but if its anytime soon don't expect a $60 price tag. This game will live on forever with it's amazing cast of characters.

On another note, I can't wait for Emblem Fates. Xenoblade Chronicles X is making that wait seem shorter though. Speeking of can't waiting, what will Nintendo annonce next.

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Fin_The_Human2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

Still waiting on Banjo and Kazooie.

Phil said he was cool with having them on smash but the old president of Nintendo R.I.P didn't not let it happen.

Here is hoping the new president is more open and will put Banjo on Smash.

Metallox2104d ago

I highly doubt Spencer ever said "Iwata doesn't want these characters in Smash".

If he did, refresh my mind.

magiciandude2103d ago

Good to know that more 3rd party characters are getting added to the SSB roster.

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Kalebninja2104d ago

Bullsh*t there's no way bayonetta won the ballot. Dammit Europe why you so weird?

pompombrum2104d ago

Europe has great taste, Bayonetta is a quality addition imho. Which ones beat her in the worldwide polls?

Kalebninja2104d ago

All they said was she was #1 for the European vote, they didn't say who was #1 for US or Japan.

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Smokeeye1232104d ago

Probably Wolf, Snake, and Banjo Kazooie? Snake for sure but I doubt they got the rights.

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PhantomTommy2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

The lead character in one of the greatest ever character action games. Makes a lot more sense to have her in Smash than Ridley or whoever.

TXIDarkAvenger2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

I don't know why your getting disagrees. I highly doubt Bayonetta was actually #1. It was probably #1 in terms of what Nintendo is actually capable of doing. Considering that characters like Master Chief, Shrek, Banjo-Kazooie, Goku, etc were requested.

trenso12104d ago

She was in the top 5 and they said of all the rtop characters she was the one who the most realistic to realize in the game. it makes sense

Kalebninja2104d ago

Yeah and that's why its bullshit they basically said out of the characters that made sense she was #1 worldwide. We don't have any knowledge of who was in the top 5 besides her. They didn't even mention the Japanese poll because I bet she didn't even touch the top.

Fin_The_Human2104d ago

Banjo actually won the ballot.

Jag-T10002103d ago

If you don't like bayonetta, then you must be ? You know the type that doesn't like girls. Can't say the word but it also means "happy".

DasTier2103d ago

Or they're simply not just some neck beard f*ggot who jacks it over a game character?

IMHO Banjo, Crash or King K Rool would have been much more interesting.

Kalebninja2103d ago

Actually I like Bayonnetta I never said I didn't. She was actually a character I had in my predictions for the original release. My problem is she did not win this ballot there were several characters with more votes and all we have to go by is nintendos word that they werent possible, which i dont believe.

Big_Game_Hunters2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

Japan wasn't taken into consideration because they got their fire emblem rep #6

Also like they said, she was #3, but the most realizable character.

Kalebninja2103d ago

They never said she was #3 they said top 5. Id guess she was either 4 or 5 since they didn't want say it specifically.

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JohnathanACE2104d ago

I think Bayonetta is a great choice. Not one of my most wanted but its cool to see her in. And its really surprising to see such a mature character as well.

Concertoine2104d ago

I love how they specifically say she was the most voted "realistic" character. Looks like Shrek and Goku were the top 2.

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jholden32492104d ago

They said no such thing.

They said #1 REALIZABLE CHARACTER worldwide. Meaning some of the votes cast were for characters that just weren't possible to be realistically added.

Concertoine2104d ago


Yeah, i know what they said. Miiverse BS is just the first thing that popped into my mind. I used that word off the top of my head but i know what they meant.

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