ARK: Survival Evolved Out Now on Xbox One

Christmas has come early thanks to the developers at Studio Wildcard. This morning they made the announcement that ARK: Survival Evolved is out now on Xbox Game Preview.

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Codewow2103d ago

If you are a fan of games like Minecraft, Rust, 7 Days To Die, and other open world survival sandbox games, you will enjoy this one. I am loving it on the PC right now. There isn't too much to really do in the game at this state though. Base building and PvP are he two main things on a limited map too. So make your decision wisely.

1nsomniac2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

So is it a more complete product on the Xbone currently. I don't think the early release program would work very well at all on the console market because of it's audience.

BallsEye2103d ago

not much to do? Game has way more to do in it than minecraft and other survival games. Ark is phenomenal!

Codewow2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

At this point I don't agree with that. It's pretty limited for you're playing it as a survival game. It's probably on par or maybe slightly more demanding than Rust, but as for things to do, Minecraft wins that.

3-4-52103d ago

* XB1 version is getting local Two player split screen as well.

slate912103d ago

Ugh I have to work today!

DLConspiracy2103d ago

I'm surprised at how well the game looks and runs on xbox. I own it on PC and a buddy wanted me to play with him on xbox so he bought me a copy. I'm actually very impressed with how optimized it is.

Keep in mind guys this game is still working out its kinks but it's damn impressive. Also you will die on the server you start on. A LOT. So don't let that sway you. It's rewarding when you get higher leveled.

BallsEye2103d ago

Yep it's great and resolution still will go up!
From Jesse tweet:

"Yes! Resolution is not final in Game Preview but these are the graphics settings and frame rate."

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BallsEye2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

Split-screen coming exclusively to xbox one and pc :O
Why no news about this??

2103d ago
Aenea2103d ago

"... for now..." yes...

DigitalRaptor2103d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

There's no news about it coming exclusively to Xbox One and PC?

That's because it's not coming exclusively to Xbox One and PC. It's coming to PS4 as well.

@ OpieW

I know man, I know. The PS4 version of the game is going to be playable with and without VR, just like the PC version. I just don't understand where he's getting the "exclusively" part. The article he posted even mentions the final version is scheduled to arrive on PS4 next summer, and there is a PS Blog announcement for it:

OpieWinston2103d ago

Dont hold your breath on Splitscreen via VR. That wouldn't work at all simply because of Hardware limitations.

BallsEye2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

no chance on earth this will run on PS VR. You need silky smooth 60 fps for both eyes. ITS SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE with this game. Even monster machines for $3k can't handle it well. The fact that you even mention this game and psvr shows your complete lack of knowledge. Keep on dreaming that ps4 is some kind of wonder machine.

here official website. Unfornunately no mention of ps4.

DigitalRaptor2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

@ BallsEye

Stop being ridiculous. How can I be dreaming when the developers have confirmed the game coming to PS4 and to PSVR in 2016? What reason would they have to lie? And how do I have a lack of knowledge when all you're doing is putting your finger into your ears and singing "la la la la la" and ignoring key announcements, based not in the imagination but in reality? You just went full fanboy.

Try not exploding in your love for MS/Xbox and try reading:

There's my link. What does your link prove? That the game isn't coming to PS4 or PSVR? We know that PS4 hardware is more capable than Xbox One hardware, so why would split-screen not be happening on the PS4 version? Because MS has paid them not to? Because Studio Wildcard are Microsoft fanboys? Or because that news article is talking about the versions of the game that are currently available to play and thus the basis of the news? You're hilarious.

I'm preparing your crow in advance. The extra salt I can add for you later.

oSHINSAo2103d ago

Great, Every Split screen/Couch Coop game is great because i can inmerse my wife to play with me.

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