Star Wars Battlefront Is A Passionate Love Letter From DICE

Tanner says, "Immediately following Star Wars Battlefront’s release there was a staggering amount of polarization surrounding the game; and to some extent it’s an ongoing discussion. Some believe that the game, as a product, doesn’t have enough content to justify a $60 price tag and that it’s wrong for EA and DICE to announce a $50 season pass before the base game’s launch. Others meanwhile are heartily enjoying the game, as is."

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venom062607d ago

absolutely enjoying the game for what it is... pure casual fun making you feel like you're in the movies..

Bansai2607d ago

Whereas 50$ season pass is a passionate love letter from EA ;)

JEECE2607d ago

Do people really buy those? I mean obviously some do, but is it prevalent? Everyone is flipping out about the season pass in BF, but I always thought most people who bought shooters only ever played the original maps. But I haven't played a lot of online console shooters (more of a CS person when I feel the shooter urge).

Somebody2607d ago


"EA Makes More Than 2X More Money From Extra Content Than From Full Digital Games"
-Title from gaming articles back in November.

That does that answer your question?

Bebedora2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

It actually has a steady 5/5 from buyers off a site I usually check out, after a full month from the release.

The site feels reliable. So some fun factor has to be accounted to apply among the gamers playing it.

Feel disgusted, like I do, but don't hate the game.
Like Ozzy sung/sings: "I don't want to change the world, because the world will change me".
That is, in extent a cause to say "Resistance is futile"

slate912607d ago

Is it just me or does anyone else hate the saying "love letter to fans." Lol I feel like 343 ran that saying into the ground when they were marketing the mcc. And now it just feels like developers want to make passionate love to us :(

Jalva2607d ago

I would let them all make passionate love to as long as Jade Raymond is among them.

NexusFX2607d ago

Generally speaking I never liked the idea of Paid DLC and Season Passes. Having said that I did buy this season pass simply because of what dice did with Battlefield 3 & 4 which is give us more content than originally came with the i figured what the hell.

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The story is too old to be commented.