Should games with no campaign be full price?

This is the very first episode of the analog circle podcast where I will cover the news stories in the gaming industry as well as my thoughts on other related gaming topics.

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crazychris41242104d ago

If they offer a ton of multiplayer content then yes. Games like Battlefront and Titanfall which were light on content and no single player should have a reduced price.

keys15792104d ago

Thanks crazy chris for your opinion. I totally agree with your statement. I'll be sure to shout you out on the next podcast.

2103d ago
Bathyj2103d ago

I don't care how much games with no campaign cost since I'll never buy one.

Ristul2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

Totally agree, taking the campaign out of a game is like ripping out its soul, just feels empty and pointless. Sinple-player campaigns often give the multiplayer context and help establish the world and characters, and that is very important imo.

JackBNimble2103d ago

This is the Key reason why I will never buy battlefront.

samden2103d ago

There are dozens of highly popular games out there that are multiplayer only and they remain fun even after hundreds or even thousands of hours (League of Legends, Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, Dirty Bomb, etc). It is all about content, execution, and post launch support. Look at the upcoming game by Blizzard, Overwatch, it is $60 but will be able to hold itself up over a long period of time. That being said, if Battlefront had a couple more weapons and two or three more planets then I think it would be a pretty solid game. The season pass is still over priced though.

alfcrippinjr2103d ago

no they should not be priced at full price games
this is just lazy practice they are doing now software companys.

they control when it goes offline for good
could be one year or two years

look at games like socom and mag on ps3 online only
close them down
where it still had a strong followers

Battlefront would have been amazing if it had a campaign
this should be a $40 game max

Titanfall another good game but no campaign and no offline play
priced around $25 but not worth it anymore
more people move away so less people play it.

as a gamer we should not let them control what we buy
if people stand up to this crap then they go back to making full games.

rainbow six is another good game but with no offline play as promise it going to die down after a year or so.
this should be a $40 game

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