Is Xenoblade Chronicles X Too Big For its Own Good?

Xenoblade Chronicles X boasts one of the largest worlds ever in a video game, but could that also be to its detriment?

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Neonridr2104d ago

They could have broken the world up into smaller chunks that had loading screens between them. I know that would have taken away from the fully open nature to the game world, but at the same time probably would have remedied some of the pop-in issues that can be experienced.

ZaWarudo2104d ago

I would rather deal with popups than split the map between loading screens.

never4get2104d ago

Nintendo NX Remaster Upgrade

fsdgf2103d ago

The pop in was hardly noticable outside of New LA

Neonridr2103d ago

oh don't get me wrong, I am perfectly fine with it. Was just offering a possible suggestion.

Either way the game is fantastic and I am loving it so far.

mamotte2103d ago

So loading screens are less obtrusive than pop up...

Yeah, right.

Neonridr2103d ago

I never said it was less obtrusive. Merely that instead of having a grand world that maybe is a bit sparsely populated you could have smaller chunks that have more going on in each area.

I am not referring to having a loading screen every 10 feet or anything. The game world is fairly massive, so you could still have very large chunks.

At the end of the day it was merely an opinion. I own the game and am enjoying it thoroughly. Just something I noticed, that's all.

higgins782103d ago

NO. I don't understand this argument. It is what it is, and what it was always supposed to be - a massive/sprawling JRPG. If you find it too big my advice would be its not for you, and that numerous other games are available at your disposal. I would however advice you stick with it. This is a game from time gone by, with little to no 'hand holding', but your rewards being a rich game filled with detail and adventure.