The 31 Best DS Games

GamePro writes: Before anyone knew it, the Nintendo DS changed the spectrum of handheld gaming in a way that no one, not even the Nintendo faithful, thought possible. Despite looking like an odd technological cousin to the Game & Watch hardware, the Nintendo DS took veteran and casual gamers by storm.

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Fat Princess3716d ago

The World Ends With You is my pick for best DS game ever made.

MolotovMan12633716d ago

I love my DS so much. I'm going to give it a hug right now.

N00BZSUCKASS3716d ago

I literally have every game on this list (flashcart FTW), and then some.

PSPee am phale

LossTheEarthbreaker3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

They stopped having any credibility nearly a decade ago.

Here are some games I feel they missed:
Phoenix Wright 1 & 2
Bangai-O Spirits
Tony Hawk's American Skateland - Online multiplayer included which not many know about.
Etrian Odyssey II
Yoshi's Island: DS
Civilization Revolution
Final Fantasy III
Age of Empires: The Age of Kings
Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

That said, some of these are very good, but I don't believe any of the following belong on this list:

Guitar Hero: On Tour - If you have any other platform this game appears on, play it there. There are better rhythm games. Only fans of the series who must have guitar hero wherever they are, with or without a stand-in guitar, will want this game in their collection. Just doesn't belong in a best-of.

Nintendogs - Do I really need to explain myself?

Mario & Luigi Partners in Time - So many better RPG's than this on DS in a best-of list. These are short explanations, but I'll just say this game annoys me to no end. Much more for fans than anyone else.

Super Mario 64 DS - Far better on a Wii's classic controller. It's more for fans of the game who want it accessable whenever than one of the best games on DS. It's an N64 game for god's sake. It's sad if this is in a top 30.

Metroid Prime: Hunters - Really novelty, very short and not even close to deep. Fans will dig online multiplayer and not many others. Doesn't belong in the best-of list.

Hotel Dusk: Room 215 - It was okay, but Phoenix Wright does it far better. Good game, though. Just not a best-of.

Tetris DS - It's Tetris with online multiplayer. Much better puzzle games abound on DS.

Kirby Canvas Curse - This game had a lot of problems, but most people just wanted something to play when they got their DS. A lot of games got better than normal scores just because there weren't many other options and not many other gameplay techniques had been used than what every one expected. This was a good game at the time, but not a A title that warrants it a place on a best-of list.

AAACE53716d ago

I got a DS for my birthday and haven't bought any games for it yet! I couldn't figure out what to buy so I just played the games my wife and kids already had. But I may try some of those out!

Cheeseknight283716d ago

This was pretty much what I was thinking. Any list that has Partners in Time on it, but not Phoenix Wright, is laughable. PiT had the most god-awful battle theme and the jokes took a real hit from it's predecessor.

I also have to wonder why Layton is so low on the list...

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