Minecraft on Wii U — Too Little Too Late or a Miracle in Disguise?

One common factor that has been a part of the Wii U’s life since the very beginning, is late releases. Many of the system’s launch titles were already available on other systems for a little while. For the most part, these titles have been pretty good. Even so, the fact remains that these games never get much recognition simply because those who wanted to buy it already bought it on other platforms.

With these thoughts in mind — while I’m excited about the announcement that Minecraft will finally be releasing on Wii U, I can’t help but be a little concerned.

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LaWiiG2104d ago

Looks sick! I wish I could #want.

ZeekQuattro2104d ago

Should of stayed away at this point. They didn't make use of the gamepad which is what people had been asking for for years if Minecraft were to ever come to the Wii U. lol Its a lazy port at this point which is typical of most 3rd party games on any Nintendo console these days. Late and nothing to show for it is just not good. Surprised its getting DLC though. I was half expecting them to withhold that for some odd reason.

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wonderfulmonkeyman2103d ago

Staying away would be worse than it never arriving, at this point, but I do agree that Micro is killing what little sales potential it has by not working in inventory functionality with the game pad.

Rookie_Monster2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

Definitely buying it to support games for my Wii U and put money into Microsoft's pocket for bringing a game to a competing console. This should be one of the best selling games on the Wii U when it is all said & done.

Apollosupreme2104d ago

Clearly I love Minecraft. I own it on multiple platforms and have been playing it off and on since 2009. Only good things can come from it finally making it to Wii U. This game seems like a natural fit on a Nintendo system quite frankly...

Fin_The_Human2104d ago

MC seems like a good fit for the Wii U and himope it starts a tend with Ninty and Ms.

ape0072103d ago

"This game seems like a natural fit on a Nintendo system quite frankly"

agreed 100%

TheCommentator2104d ago

Sell it to Wii U owners today, then re-sell it to them all a year later when they upgrade to the NX. Sheer Genius!

Kribwalker2103d ago

They did a $5 upgrade on ps4/Xbox one didn't they? I'd do that too

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