Why Trading Fallout 4 for Xenoblade Chronicles Isn’t Crazy

Fallout 4 is good, but you won't even miss it.

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Fro_xoxo2111d ago

^_^ I certainly don't miss it..

Gamer4News2111d ago

Nintendo took out the customization (boobs slider) while Fallout 4 still has customization. So no. Not gonna buy when they think they can just keep censoring it.

LightofDarkness2110d ago

Yes, that has perhaps the largest impact on the gameplay and story of any aspect of the game. You should write a strongly worded letter about how the female character you were never going to create needed size ZZZ torpedo boobs because her entire personality is wrapped up in them, and they double as flotation devices for water travel.

Bimkoblerutso2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

I think the problem is that they censored it for the ridiculous reasons. It's a stupid, superfluous option, for sure, but Nintendo censored it for the same reason Capcom censored butt slaps.


Halo2ODST22110d ago

there isn't a "chest size" slider in FO4, there is in ESO, but i didn't see one in f04, & i have 2 characters.

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Rob72742111d ago

Ive been waiting to finish Fallout 3 and New Vegas before buying Fallout 4 due to not wanting to run into and bugs on release.
The games reception from fans really seems to be mixed.
It has me a bit worried but I'd like to be one of the gamers who play it and get 100s of fun hours out of it.

Silly Mammo2110d ago

I really don't understand all the hate toward this game. I assume people had super high expectations about this release and when they weren't met they lashed out. I'm having a blast with this game. I'm sure I've put in at least 100 hours and haven't really done much of the main quest.

LordMaim2110d ago

Don't confuse some scattered complaints with an actual dislike. When dealing with internet comments, you have to set your baseline pretty high to filter out 90% of feedback as that of extremists whose unrealistic expectations were not met.

If Fallout 4 was actually bad, the internet would be on fire right now.

Rob72742110d ago

Thanks guys.
I'm really looking forward to it

(Just New Vegas DLC and Mad Max to go)