Destiny gets £25 character boost DLC

In another attempt to empty the cash from your wallet, Bungie has released an array of character boosting DLCs for the cash cow that is Destiny.

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EcoSos32104d ago

30 dollars to get it to lvl 25!!!! HAHAHAHA

DarkOcelet2103d ago

You know whats really sad? People will defend this and say its ok and you don't have to buy this and spew other BS. But they don't see how this is ruining the gaming industry.

This $hit does not belong to the AAA games. Go to hell Bungie and Activision.

BeefCurtains2103d ago

Bungie!!! Noooooo!!

They have no respect for gamers anymore. They're creeping right along side EA.

Mr-Dude2104d ago

Omg.... i thought they wouldn't do this? Well, I hope this game bleeds to death now

emad-E-three2104d ago

Though I play it EVERY DAY and have lost more than 1800 hours but sad to say i'm starting to agree :(

captainexplosion2103d ago

You have played Destiny an average of 5 hours a day since it released 15 months ago? So no job or girlfriend?

emad-E-three2103d ago

@captain Jop yes, girlfriend currently no. The thing is I basically don't sleep well just to get as much time with the game as possible and 5 hours a day isn't much anyway! So you didn't really need to go personal!

emad-E-three2104d ago

Bungie don't deserve our dedication and money any more! Damn you and Activision.

KilKarazy2103d ago

Most likely it isn't bungies fault. Here's how it goes.


Bungie: "I don't think the fans will like that"

Activision: "DO IT ANYWAYS. We'll tell them its only cosmetic"

2103d ago
emad-E-three2103d ago

Bungie owns the IP so they can easily say no.

Rookie_Monster2103d ago

Thank goodness I had avoided this atrocity of a game from Bungie and Activision. This is like the horse armor DLC on steroids.

Black0ut2103d ago

I'm also glad that I didn't go ahead with my purchase after playing the beta a while back. Game looked awesome but oh how low Bungie/Activision have sunk with this M-T BS! Good luck getting rid of that image guys!

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The story is too old to be commented.