Valve: Half-Life VR Would 'Fatigue' Players in 5 Minutes

VRFocus reports on Valve stating that a Half-Life VR videogame would 'fatigue' players within five minutes of play time, but the fiction may still be used.

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Imp0ssibl32104d ago

And that's why VR will never take off as it is. Serious gaming can't be compatible with headaches and motion sickness.

ShadowKnight2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

I bought the Oculus Dev kit and I would say it really depends on the game and I never got fatigue or motion sickness. I was more comfortable with it when I was sitting down in my comfortable chair. If developers make a game that I'm interested in like a great horror game I won't get fatigue as long I'm sitting down in my chair. Everyone don't get headache and motion sickness.

SweatyFlorida2104d ago

I'd say chair/couch play is the only way to go for now for VR. Let the tech and hardware advance a bit before doing anything drastic like standing up or bodily movement. Action or fast paced games where your moving fast in-game and looking around at the same time probably won't be made often as the likeliness for motion sickness is higher.

tbqh, what I hope and expect to get from VR IS the smaller games, lots of unique experiences, snippets of 1-2 hour games max for way cheaper price then standard games. I really don't expect nor want to play something like UC4 in VR, not just because of potential motion sickness, but also wearing the helmet on my head for 2+ hours straight may get a tad annoying, and you can't just drop the controller and do something else, you have to take the visor off, lose the immersion, then when your back you have to put it back on, and readjust. As great as AAA games are, I think it's best to wait a few years and see the reaction and feedback for the device before even starting production of one.

ShadowKnight2104d ago

@SweatyFlorida I'm all for that too. I'm just excited for VR and looking forward to see how it all turns out. I didn't have any trouble with the Dev kit.

Timesplitter142104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

It always bothers me when some new AAA game gets shown and people say things like "can't wait for this in VR". They have no idea how much it wouldn't work at all.

But it's about more than just motion sickness. Even at 666 FPS and 8k resolution, most conventional games still wouldn't work in VR. It's a design problem. VR games need a different game design direction than normal games. It's comparable to when people think some game would work well as a movie just because it worked well as a game

donthate2104d ago

That doesn't sound good for the future of VR. We will get a lot of interrest only to be disappointing and lots of VR sickness/puke videos then it will die off.

Highlife2104d ago

The only game to give me headaches was half life 2. 3d and vr don't bother me just that game.

SniperControl2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

I've had the Rift DK2 for well over a year, at first i would be green to the stomach and last maybe 15 mins in VR before taking it off, the coasters really hit me hard. But after a while your body just gets use to it, i can now spend hours inside VR, i have literally spents hours playing Elite Dangerous in VR without taking off the headset, even coasters have no effect on me now.
I've actually played Half life 2 in VR and have no problems with it.

Your body will adapt, just give it time.

TWB2104d ago

If its that strong that it can so easily cause motion sickness, I want to experience something like Tribes Ascend with a VR headset. The speed already feels incredible without one.

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Relientk772104d ago

Portal VR would be sweet

HWG2104d ago

Portal VR would cause a new type of motion-sickness all together. Gladosian Nausea, spontaneous nausea spells manifested by trans positioning between time and space whilst wearing funny goggles.

Tsunade2104d ago

Or your brain can evolve and learn how to dominate it and master it.

Phoenix762104d ago

I'd play it... For Science of course :-D

sorceror1712104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

"If players actually did all of the actions from Half-Life in VR, they’d be fatigued in five minutes."

But hold up - who says that players have to *actually* jump and crouch and run to have fun and feel immersion? Valve is fixated on the HTC Vive and the 'room scale tracking' - which makes sense, in that they are invested in that scheme. But it's not inherent to the VR genre, and there are plenty of practical issues. (Like the fact that Valve's own data says people don't have that kind of space available: )

People played long sessions with, say, Alien:Isolation in VR and, even though they weren't *actually* crouched down and crawling through vents, they still found it gripping and immersive.

Edit: here, from today, is another example. Even without moving, just holding a controller, you can get immersed in rock climbing:

cmd2104d ago

Fatigue me? I have the strength of 1000 horses!

FullmetalRoyale2104d ago

Well I'll have you know that I have two more transformations...

treeson472104d ago

i disagree, i hit half life 2 on the oculus dev kit 1, and lasted until the latency made me nauseous haha, which on average was about 45 minutes of play time. with the new oculus, and as the tech improves it's totally plausible. Also that 45 minutes was the best fps gaming experience of my life, ducking behind cover as a window blows out with surround sound, or looking over the edge of a drop. fighting those little helicopter things.

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