Dying Light: The Following's Map Is Twice As Big As The Base Game; Parkour Is Still Essential

Techland's Dying Light: The Following will feature a map twice as big as the one in the base game. They also confirmed that parkour will still be essential.

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bought the season pass before the price increased to 29.99 I'm all set... bring forth the awesome dlc:)

Festano1670d ago

Me too. Not all DLCs are bad

TetsujinFranky1671d ago

This year I have gained lots of respect for Polish developers, CD Projekt RED and Techland are very solid teams who truly seems to care about their fans

Alexious1671d ago

Yeah, Eastern developers are single-handedly saving some genres. Polish ones are especially good!

Adexus1671d ago

Dying Light was one of my favourite games of the year so I can't wait for this!

Imp0ssibl31671d ago

You are totally right, it's the best zombie game ever made

Adexus1671d ago

Can't disagree with that! They absolutely nailed everything, except for the story I guess but the gameplay is so damn rock solid that it doesn't detract from the game at all.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1670d ago


I think they nailed the story also Riess however you spell his name was an excellent bad guy to be up against. I had way too much fun playing this game co op all through with my best mate. Can't wait for the following

IAmLee1670d ago

I only discovered it recently at a friends house... Walk from his to argos to get it :')

ShottyGibs1670d ago

Same here. Most fun I've had in game all year. Plus smashing zombies heads in with coop buddies is a hoot.

Tehcnala1671d ago

I absolutely loved this game. I thought it already looked great already. Anybody know what the graphical enhancements include?


nobody knows right now,but i'm sure when the release date is here techland will tell us...they're probably still working on that right now.

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The story is too old to be commented.