First Beautiful Screenshots From Crytek's The Climb Revealed

Here are the first screenshots for Crytek's VR game, The Climb.

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MilkMan2110d ago

These guys dont get it.

LP-Eleven2110d ago

Don't get what, exactly? Seems more like YOU don't get the premise of this game.

OT: Looks fantastic! I'm already picking up PS:VR, but I may have to grab an Oculus, down the line, for a game like this!

dcbronco2110d ago

Please stop showing me exploration VR games. What I want from VR is action and shooters. The on rails exploration bs I've seen so far will never make me buy a VR headset.

Perjoss2110d ago

Where did you read that this game is on rails?

ginsunuva2109d ago

Well it's technically on-holds

Immorals2109d ago

Exploration? Have you ever been cliff climbing? If this game even captures 1% of it, it's gonna get the adrenaline pumping fast.

Or if you're terrified of heights, it's a horror game :p

dcbronco2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

I will agree with the

But it's not a real exciting prospect if it's something you could actually just go do.

Too many of the"games" being shown are fat people comforters.

"I'm sure as hell not leaving my sofa to climb a damn rock. I will, however, reach over to the other cushion to grab my headset". Awesome, I can do anything"!

WizzroSupreme2109d ago

Wow, now that's beauty if I ever did see it.

DeToX4202109d ago

I don't understand the disembodeyed hands why not give you arms and a body to help create the feeling I'm there.

Gazondaily2109d ago

Looks gorgeous. PC titles will be great for VR because the visuals will sure pack a punch.

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