Sony’s Heads Of PlayStation VR Discuss Virtual Reality’s Future


"PlayStation VR is poised to take the console market by storm as the first virtual-reality system to be released from any of the three major home-console manufacturers. Rather than the typical competition of Microsoft and Nintendo, however, Sony Computer Entertainment must focus on challengers from the PC side of the industry. PlayStation must now compete with the likes of Oculus and Vive as while simultaneously blazing the trail for any other console manufacturers looking at making the leap to VR."

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LordMaim2110d ago

I literally cannot wait to play Ace Combat 7. I'm hoping that they resurrect Colony Wars as well, because that would be amazing in VR.

dcbronco2110d ago

That is a game I want to see what they do with. If they offer Ace Combat as the full experience in VR that would make me want a PlayStation and PSVR. Unless PC brings back the Jane's flight simulator series. Then Oculus would be my choice.

theXtReMe12110d ago

Im right there with you. Between it and Eve, I will be in flight combat heaven. Lets just hope Ace Combat arrives as a launch title for VR or somewhat close, because it will definitely be a system seller.

S2Killinit2110d ago

You said it. Ace Combat will be so awesome in VR.

Wallstreet372110d ago

As long as they make Rift a PSVR launch game and add a few demos like possibly Drive Club tech demo and another ill be good until they release the big guns later on. Ace Combat is also a must have for me and Valkyrie.

I like how Sony is pushing the VR and how the hardware has shaped up. Previewers all have said it is really good VR and holds up to the competition and in some aspects surpasses what they tried. It will be a competent VR solution for those that dont want to spend a little more money on their PC counterpart or worry about the cost of upgrading their system to run it. Add to that PS exclusives that will inevitably grace the PSVR scene and we have a good formula.

traumadisaster2108d ago

Did you see the crap games shown at psx? It took me from a 9 to a 3. I did just see Climb article and that looks closer to what I expected.

I'm leaving 1 last hope they have 3 or 4 surprises to push my excitement back up.

medman2109d ago

I am anticipating. I am waiting. I am ready.