IGN's Top 10 PS3 Games That Need Trophies

When Trophies arrived with the 2.40 (and, er, the 2.41) patch, Sony instantly changed the way PlayStation 3 owners would play games. The same virulent malady that had struck 360 owners had mutated, bringing with it the barest of RPG elements and the kind of obsessive-compulsive need to earn little virtual rewards that ordinarily only crazy people indulge in. It defies rational thought, but those tiny digital offerings

It's a sickness, IGN know that. But in their fevered state they have seen grand visions of their favorite already-released PS3 games getting patched with the untold riches that only bronze, silver, gold and platinum can provide. Some of these games will never get the patches that IGN so desire, the developers have said as much. Still, that won't keep them from dreaming that impossible dream, now, will it?

So join IGN, won't you? Come along for this journey into the could-be and believe, like they do, that in a perfect world, these 10 games would be updated to allow gamers to grind, grind, grind to their heart's content.

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solidjun53722d ago

...what's the number one game that needs trophies.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots!

Enough said.

Breakfast3722d ago

Just goes to show how much Sony cares for its gamers.

I heart MS, and MS hearts me back.


solidjun53722d ago

yea breakfast. Whatever helps you sleep at night. :)

3722d ago
3722d ago
poindat3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

It is really sad that you think like this. You remind me of the book '1984'. You may love Microsoft, but they most definitly do not love you back. The illusion of caring about you is only to get you to hand over your money like the robot you are. This goes for Sony, Nintendo, and any other company as well.

It saddens me that people like you are the future of Earth.

On topic, I really couldn't care less which games have trophies, as long as they have them. I would buy the most mediocre of a game if it had trophies.

Myst-Vearn3722d ago

you're kinda pathetic you know? ...

chaosatom3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

I like to think he is being sarcastic.

Edit: the disagree person is not breakfast, it's silogan.

Megaton3722d ago

He is being sarcastic, but it doesn't make it any less annoying. Tries to derail article conversation, and it works because people always take the bait. That kinda crap is what the Open Zone is for, whether you're faking it or not.

Anyways, I'm actually starting to get really angry over Konami's total silence about MGS4 trophies this long after 2.40 launched. If it's not announced at Leipzig during Kojima's speech about the future of MGS4 and MGO, then I'll give up on the hope of trophies ever being put into this game.

bpac1234567893722d ago

@ Breakfast, i bet your 360 does keep you warm thats about the only thing its good for after it RROD. You win the award for fanboy of the year, (everybody clap for him).

SORRY ABOUT THAT I GOT OFF TOPIC BUT LET ME GET BACK TO IT: i really hope that Mgs4 gets trophies those should be easy to do since there virtually already there. But inorder for this trophy system to really succeed EVERY GAME NEEDS TROPHIES, NO EXCEPTIONS, IT SHOULD BE MADATORY. if trophies are not made mandatory than a person who buys games with trophy support looks better than the person who doesn't. The other person may be the better gamer but on paper the person with the most trophy supported games looks better.

harrisk9543721d ago

Any developer that doesn't go backand add trophies is crazy! I just picked up Uncharted again after having traded it in at GameStop (I know, I got ripped off!)... but, the trophies really give you a reason to play through games multiple times and pick up games that you never played. I usually play through a story once (maybe twice) and get bored with the game... not anymore! Even games that had unlockable stuff didn't keep my attention like trophies do now! I can finally understand the obsession with achievements that Xbox guys have!

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AStupidXbot3722d ago

I'm going to be smart, MGS4 is the #1 game that needs trophies.

Killjoy30003722d ago

Yeah, what's the deal with MGS4? I'd like for some Soul Calibur Iv and GTA trophies as well.

Mr_Kuwabara3722d ago

If they make MGS4 trophies, I hope they make them retroactive cuz I got all 40 of em' and although the Big Boss emblem was a piece of cake, I really don't want to get the chicken emblem again. =/

juuken3722d ago

Ninja Gaiden Sigma should get trophies but it's probably too late now. ;-;

Cajun Chicken3722d ago

They had 'Skill Points' built in the games waaaay before achievements/trophies.
It should be easy to patch for Insomniac, like the case with the medals in Uncharted becoming the respective trophies.

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