Romancing SaGa 2 coming to PS Vita, smartphones

Square Enix is bringing the 1993-launched Romancing SaGa 2 to PS Vita, iOS, and Android, the publisher announced. It will launch this winter.

The new version features updated graphics, optimized controls for each platform, and the “class” and “original dungeon” additions from the 2010-released mobile version.

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Shineon2104d ago

Yes this is why I bought a vita to play mobile cell phone games and jrpg that really take advantage of the hardware.I hope my battery doesn't melt from running these types of games.Sony was so nice to drop support to give other devs a chance at the vita.This is exactly how I imagined vita to be when I purchased it kudos to Sony I'm so glad it's not a pocket ps3 Anymore, since mobile cellphone quality is just where it's at right now for mobile gaming

Balsanoid2104d ago

There yo go. Just let it aaall out. You'll be fine. You'll get through this. /pats on back

Shineon2104d ago

Thanks bro I needed that

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DarkZane2104d ago

Looks good and all, but we're likely not gonna see this released in the west, considering the original wasn't.

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Apollosupreme2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

Wonderful. I haven't powered up my Vita in seven months but now after hearing this news I'll just have to continue not playing it. As soon as third party has nothing left that's cheap to produce the Vita will be put to rest.

I love how devs port mobile games and multiply the price by five. I love paying extra money to play the same game on my Vita rather than on my phone or tablet for a fraction of the price.

gokuking2104d ago

This only exists so that they can get fans ready for SaGa Scarlet Graces. Jeeze. Also, Square Enix has been very good with price parity for their mobile ports on Vita so far.

Apollosupreme2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

That's one company and its because they defy mobile prices and charge whatever. How many Vita games have we seen that were 60-80% cheaper to just buy on your phone? I mean you can even play them with a DS3 or DS4 on your phone if you need real buttons.

The evolution and widespread popularity if the smart phone and then later the tablet has led to the demise of the PS Vita. They kept the price way too high to entice a large volume of gamers to buy in. Nintendo on the other hand changed their price on the 3DS and it turned the tide for them.

The only reason I keep my Vita is for PS1 games and PSP games and Vita games that are a couple years old or older.

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Shineon2104d ago

I feel ya bro....I had high hopes for the vita everybody ain't Sony ponies were not afraid to call Sony out on their bulls%#*t that's all.

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