1UP: Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride Preview

1UP writes: "I've just returned from a trip to Japan, where I attended Square Enix's oddly named DKS3713 event -- a private "party" in which 500 fans and a handful of press were allowed to check out some of the company's upcoming titles and watch trailers of games scheduled for a little further out. It was a flashy, calculated exercise in building hype for some very expensive titles, and clearly it was a success; the Internet's been chattering about the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy XIII games ever since.

Yet a quick trip to any game or electronics shop in Tokyo made for a fine exercise in irony. While Square Enix was trying to get its Japanese fans pumped up for the upcoming wave of releases masterminded by designer Tetsuya Nomura, the company's other big brand was dominating the country. Dragon Quest V, the DS remake of a venerable 16-bit role-playing game, was everywhere: Major shops featured freestanding displays dedicated to stacks of the game and a looping demo reel, while smaller shops offered at the very least a dedicated shelf rack packed with DQ character merchandise. The week's big releases, like Rhythm Heaven and Phantasy Star Portable, put in impressive showings, but DQ5 was everywhere. Sales of the game have blazed within spitting distance of the 1 million mark in just three weeks -- especially impressive for a 16-year-old game that was only just remade for PlayStation 2 a few years ago. "

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