UGO: Flock - Updated Impressions

UGO writes: "When I first took a peak at Capcom's upcoming downloadable puzzler, Flock, I had a very good sense of what the game was developing into. Players take command of a UFO in an effort to herd a quota of animals--typically sheep--into the base of their spaceship. The unique relationship-based game play had me shrinking the woolen sheep with water, clearing piles of fecal matter out of the way with pigs, and generally utilizing a number of other relationships to get my flock from point A to point B.

I initially called the game a bit of a Pikmin spin-off, but after checking out the title again last week, I'm started to feel less inclined to make that comparison. Since my last hands-on, Capcom has implemented one important feature that will definitely change the way I approach the title when it releases later this year. Hit the jump to read up on the latest changes to the PSN and XBLA title."

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