Elder Scrolls: Oblivion Coming To Japan

According to Kotaku they have recieved word from the Xbox Japan team that Oblivion will becoming to Japan. No specific release time has been released however they said it will be sometime next year.

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THWIP4949d ago about "late to the party". :/

zonetrooper54949d ago

Well if its gonna help sell the Xbox 360 in Japan than so be it.

Yo Wassap4949d ago

they might not mind as much a we over here might do as they are not such graphics whores. Although Oblivion looks good it will be overshadowed greatly by then, luckily in Japan it's gameplay over graphics.

The Snake4948d ago

We've been rabidly eating up JRPGs, it's time we shared the love and showed them what a good western RPG is like.

ernande4948d ago

I think this is a wasted effort. Unless Bethesda makes it a turn-based RPG, the japanese won't consider it.

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