Square Enix Kicks Off 10 Days Of Serious Savings With $20 Off Dragon Quest Heroes (PS4)

Publisher Square Enix today launched a new daily deals campaign on their online storefront to kick off the holidays, delivering considerable savings on some of their most popular games.

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derkasan2110d ago

Not a bad deal for a game so new.

dead_pixels2110d ago

Indeed. I'll likely be taking advantage of this deal.

tamriilin2110d ago

If I weren't already playing it on pc I might snag this.

Lord_Sloth2110d ago

The game isn't bad for a musou game but the lack of co-op really upset me.

JMPetrequin2110d ago

Surprised there wasn't co-op in this, but I'm down for it anyway!

NeoGamer2322110d ago

Does anyone know how well this game sold?

(No VGC quotes please. Just facts)

Majin-vegeta2110d ago

Must have sold well enough for SE.Seeing as they are already working on a sequel.

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