GameSpot: Crysis Warhead Q&A

First-person shooters aren't just action-packed games that let you play as a gun-toting commando. Often, they're also used as showcases for impressive new technology. 2007's Crysis was such a shooter--a beautiful-looking action game that pushed most PCs to their limits, even as it featured intriguing gameplay that combined heavy-duty gunplay with superhuman powers offered by your character's experimental "nanosuit."

Now, developer Crytek is working with its Budapest studio to bring back all the action from last year's excellent game, plus more, in its stand-alone follow-up, Crysis Warhead. Warhead will also debut a completely revamped version of Crysis multiplayer known as Crysis Wars. GameSpot have the first details from multiplayer producer Eric Legel and producer Bernd Diemer.

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