Tim Willits and John Carmack on Rage, Quake Live and Doom 4

UGO writes: "id Software has a ton of stuff in the works, but it's hard to know what exactly is going on at this legendary creator of the First Person Shooter. They've got more projects in the works than they ever have, yet with so little to show at QuakeCon - the gamer-created event named after their own shooter series - one might think that it's at least partially smoke and mirrors. But after hearing the hours-long talk by id's technical director John Carmack and getting to sit down to talk with id co-founder Tim Willits, it's really just a timing issue.

My time spent with the upcoming Wolfenstein from Raven Software was enlightening. They're doing a great job putting together a World War II shooter that isn't a rehash of the dozen we've already seen so far, and the fantastical and supernatural elements in the original game series is being put to excellent use in the new game. It's not going to revolutionize the industry, but it's shaping up very well."

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Kleptic3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

signed up for the Quake Live beta...we'll see...I loved Quake III...and that is basically all it is with better community features...but holy crap Doom 3 sucked...So I don't have the trust in iD as much as I used to...

Carmack should focus on getting Romero back...until then I am pretty sure they won't make another genre defining game (return to castle wolfenstien was awesome online...but iD didn't even do that part...they only did the single player...which was the only part of the game that sucked) will just be ground breaking in terms of programming...

Nice to hear what he said about Doom 4 though...especially in the sense that Doom 3 was a gimmicky rail shooter with pathetic attempts at horror, and more importantly...a title that gutted what made the originals so great...if he can bring back the ACTION magic of the original doom games in state of the art glory...awesome...I'll be all for far as I am concerned Doom 3 isn't a real game anyway...its similar to Terminator 3...its just some game/movie that was mislabeled and should have been called something else...

but again...I don't see it without Romero...quake III is easily iD's best game since Romero left...but all it really did was exploited what Romero implemented in Quake I, and focused only on that...Romero is the genious behind the gameplay of the best iD games...Carmack is the genious behind the doubt Carmack can makes the best looking games at any given point without even blinking...but he sure as hell can't make them fun...Romero is the missing key to what was easily the best development studio through the mid 90's...

on a positive side though...I appreciate how Carmack is willing to adapt to the market, in the console it or not...consoles are pushing the industry...a developer can no longer live on a big PC game every 5 years, and do crap ports to consoles...I can almost guarantee that Valve's hatred towards the PS3 and on a lesser degree the 360 will eventually hurt them (Gabe Steak doesn't like the 360 either, just to remind you...he just agrees that its easy to port a game to it)...what if MS keeps pushing this proprietary XBL type strategy into their consoles even more so in years to come, segragating the market even further?...Epic figured it out...iD is apperantly figuring it that consoles, 2 of them at least, are more than capable of fantastic PC like online gameplay...and that console games sell at triple the rate without question...put some of that brilliance into consoles from the will pay off easily in one generation...

lastly...what is the author talking about if 'iD can keep up with the high budget studios at MS, Sony, and EA'?...yeah they can keep up with that...they signed EA for publishing Rage...any of these publishers would throw as much money as iD wanted in hopes of them recreating the sales and popularity of something like Doom 2...iD has always been extremely effecient...they make the best looking games on normal budgets and in normal amounts of time...where they have faulted though has been in gameplay...Romero more or less made the fps genre what it is today...but he left to...i don't know...make one more game with others that was mediocre...and play games in his massive house with his wife...that is all Carmack needs...get a game director on board that is able to take his technology and use it in a way that creates something we have never seen or played before...something that we will be talking about 13 years from now...being that Quake 1 was the last huge addition to the genre...and that was like 96...its well over due...

Cynical-Gamerzus3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

ID was and will always be the premier PC technology out there!!!
However they are falling behind the times.
THe Main competitor (Epic )are the kings of the hill at this moment.

I Wonder why??
I believe ID needs to come up with something original (stunning)and lock it to a Console(say PS3)??
As did Epics with Gears of War.
Im thinking as soon as ID comes out with a original game that is Console exclusive and totally blows away the Tech from Epic they will have massive success and a huge Fallowing that Epic has..

Sony needs a Savior and ID is it?
they're Mega texture goes perfect with Bluray!! and now all they need a Engine from ground up to utilize all the SPE and physics and RAM HD,Streaming,the PS3 can muster and blow Epic back to the stone age..
Doom3 was the greatest leap for next gen!!
Time to move up to Cell parallel processing,ID & John C.