Tips on how old-timers and noobs can win in Call of Duty: Black Ops III multiplayer

Call of Duty: Black Ops III has been one of the bestselling games of the holiday season, and it’s also one of the most engaging, as players are still spending hours with Black Ops III’s multiplayer online combat. But there’s no tutorial for multiplayer, unless you count the single-player campaign and the fairly lightweight “free run” sessions where you square off against artificial intelligence bots.

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ColManischewitz2105d ago

We need more guides for old folks.

WellyUK2105d ago

Just run the best guns all the time. M8, VMP, LCAR and XR-2. When your better with them then switch out to others. Put on the lower score kill streaks as well CUAV and UAV are great. Put the right attachments on the right guns as well, people putting ACOGs on an SMG are making it a lot harder than they need to. Rapid fire and long barrel are great on SMG's, Stock and High caliber for AR's (Pre-aim as much as possible).

LA_Zeo2105d ago

I'm a beast with the LCar-9 akimbo

Lighter92105d ago

Know how I win? Don't buy the game. WIN!!

hiredhelp2105d ago

@Lighter you made me chuckle man best ansew.

SuperbVillain2105d ago

I wreck shit with man o war all the time.. Ghost perk always on deck

Anghellic2105d ago

Yeah man o war is my fav, ghost and quick draw are a must

SuperbVillain2105d ago

i use quick draw, foregrip,red dot and rapid fire rapid fire helps this weapon out a lot

Anghellic2104d ago

Haha yup, those are exactly the same attachments I use

BattleAxe2105d ago

I camp, and I win. It's as easy as pie!

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