Sony Decided Gravity Rush Remastered's PS4 Physical Retail Release Thanks to the Fans' Feedback

Gravity Rush Remastered, released a few days ago in Japan and coming to the west on February 2nd, was supposed to be launched as a digital download only on the PlayStation Store in North America, but Sony Computer Entertainment changed its mind halfway through, and is now offering a physical disk for the game. Keiichiro Toyama explained why.

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RpgSama2911d ago

Super cool news, Already have the platinum for the Vita Version, guess I'm going to have to double dip and get it again for the Ps4 (the game and the platinum XD)

nX2910d ago

Same here, this game is actually worth playing twice... really looking forward to experience the gravity bending on a big screen.

miyamoto2911d ago

Only on PlayStation.
That is the power of the PlayStation Nation in motion.

DarkOcelet2911d ago

"let's put another shrimp on the barbie "

Seriously, that is what i think every single damn i see your profile picture lol.

Relientk772911d ago

Will be getting physical copy, yay

2911d ago
FallenAngel19842911d ago

When fans are vocal enough, they can get what they want from corporations

LAWSON722911d ago

Not if its Nintendo (primarily referring to of America)

_-EDMIX-_2911d ago

I mean...not really. I don't think this is due to the comments so much as the volume of comments. They are likely doing this because they projected a physical release as still giving them a deep profit. Pretty sure of the numbers didn't support it, they would not be putting out a physical release of this game.

Consider I'm sure someone where, some fan is asking for some of Sony's digital games to have retail releases ie Entwined, Resogun, The Unfinished Swan etc.

2911d ago
TFJWM2911d ago

Of course its the volume of the comments...If 50,000 people ask for something its going to make people consider it more then if 5000 ask for it

_-EDMIX-_2911d ago

@Smearg- not really. Many have made comments regarding Yakuza 5 not having a physical release.....

That doesn't mean SEGA is going to do it. The comment isn't why they are doing it, the AMOUNT of comments might be.

Consider other games exist right now by Sony with no retail release.

I mean...do you think that they are just doing this JUST based on asking? Never mind how many? LMFAO! Bud.....no. That is very, very doubtful.

@TFJ- agreed....that is sorta my point lol

They are not doing this because someone asked, they are doing it because a huge amount asked that likely deemed it affordable for a physical release.

Many still ask for physical releases of games, I don't think Sony is doing this based on merely asking, the reality is.....many have asked for other Sony games to have retail releases that actually never got retail releases. The volume of those asking warrants the retail release, not the asking in general.

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