Opinion: What I want (and don't want) to see in The Legend of Zelda Wii U

Is it time for a female Link to headline a Zelda game?

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-Foxtrot2105d ago

"Not only would it be a huge victory for diversity in games, but it would be a welcome change to the series"

Diversity for the sake of it thanks

Linkle or female Link does not make sense lore wise and when they've just spent Skyward Sword actually adding to the overall lore and explaining why we have a Link/Zelda in every game or time when a great evil rises why go against it suddenly.

DarkOcelet2105d ago

If they want diversity then let them make a game with Zelda as the protagonist and you are done. Doing a female link is nonsense.

-Foxtrot2105d ago

Exactly. They were both cursed to go through the same cycle of hatred which means if you are doing a cycle then they would look the same as the originals...even Hylia and her chosen hero who they reincarnated from but it doesn't say anything to stop Zelda or a version of her to fight back and get involved more.

What if in one cycle you play as Link, he's then injured so you continue the game as Zelda while he's resting. The game would move all your inventory contents to her so you don't have to start again. She could easily wield the Master sword and Hylian shield.

Then once he's better and it comes to the final boss you get to switch between them for their specifically made gameplay sections.

DarkOcelet2105d ago

Thats a great idea. They can do it Resident Evil Code Veronica style like when you played as Claire until she got trapped then Chris went to save her.

It could work very well here.

-Foxtrot2105d ago

Yeah exactly

I mean I'm not asking for co-op...goodness no but switching characters in a story driven game would be better then switching genders for the sake of it.

You have Zelda...use her properly.

BootHammer2104d ago

I agree, that would actually be pretty awesome! Have the final boss fight setup where you actually can't beat him/her...then a crazy cinematic plays once you get the boss to a certain health bar point and Link jumps in finish the fight and then also has to carry Zelda out in time as the Dungeon is coming down around them (think original Metroid).

They should have used this approach with Metal Gear Solid 2 and given players Snake back midway through =)

MrBrofist2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

Zelda has reincarnation all through out the lure, and if you knew anything about reincarnation, you don't always come back as the same gender. (see The Last Air Bender and The Legend of Kora)

So it's not too hard to see that it could work should Nintendo decides that.

Also Linkle's story is that she thinks she the legendary hero.

I can see her being a rival character/ally for Link in future games.

So far I don't mind her.
The only people who seem to have a problem are the shippers of Link/Zelda

-Foxtrot2104d ago

This one works different though

Hylia and her chosen hero chose to be reincarnated and after that there reincarnated selfs were cursed to be in an endless cycle

So obviously with the fact their original selfs were the same genders and they were cursed into a cycle that each cycle would be the same and they'd come back looking exactly the same which they have

3-4-52104d ago

The main character won't be a female...It will be Link, just like in every other game.

* Can't stand these people who want to hujack and steal other people's hard work for their own agenda and views.

* Want a female lead? Create your own.

It's not hard....stop taking other people's ideas and stealing them for your own monetary gain.

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Activemessiah2105d ago

You'll get what you're given.

annoyedgamer2105d ago

I find that notion offensive, pleases excuse me as I run off to my safe space to right 4 whiny "articles" about it and create a petition to end the patriarchy.

SaveMeJebus2104d ago

The sarcasm is strong with this one.

Activemessiah2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

The patriarchy is real... but there no man in charge... just Ultron.

BootHammer2104d ago

Easily the most hyped game of 2016. So much mystery surrounding this one. I hope for much of what you said. Excellent use of the gamepad, a large world to explore and I definitely hope this releases on the NX as well so it can take advantage of whatever that system brings to the table.

I hope the main villain is the gnarliest one yet and towers over Link. I'd love to have that fear and anxiety walking into the last dungeon door similar to fighting a boss in the Souls games. I hope a Nintendo Direct comes soon and gives us a new trailer and details!