Possible reveal coming for Tom Clancy's The Division on Dec. 17? Teaser posted

Ubisoft's newest IP Tom Clancy's The Division will finally arrive on March 8 of next year, but the publisher may be readying itself for an announcement last this week.

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cfc832111d ago

They sent a questionaire to alpha testers. I think maybe people ticked the box that requests more game info. One of the questions was interestingly about whether or not UC4 release effects any intention to buy this game. Maybe they're using that as cover to push the date back.

mafiahajeri2111d ago

Interesting that they see UC4 as a threat when it's ps4 exclusive and the alpha is taking place on the Xbox one 😂

mike32UK2111d ago

Of course it is, many people own both consoles.

Sirch2110d ago

Perhaps December 17th is the date the catastrophe happened in NY (whatever it is, some kind of infection / virus) given the setting and stage the game is in.

mafiahajeri2110d ago

Makes sense it was all christmasy