Lara Croft is One Sexy Tomb Raider

For fans that don’t know, there are two different kinds of Lara Croft fans. Those who think she is sexy, and those who think she is sexy. OK, so there is one type of Lara Croft fans because it is almost a fact that she is one of the most attractive video game characters of all-time. Lara Croft, whether or not the makers of Tomb Raider wanted it or not, has become an ultimate sex symbol for video gaming.

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DarkOcelet2227d ago

"Also, would Tomb Raider be as popular if the protagonist was a normal guy?"

Nathan Drake says hi.

Jalva2227d ago

Drake is anything but a normal guy.

DarkOcelet2227d ago

What do you mean Drake is anything but a normal guy? Dont tell me because of all the things he survived, Lara did some pretty crazy stuff too.

Vhampir2226d ago

He looks like a hollywood actor and is physically fit.

Would uncharted be as popular without Chloe's ass?

nix2226d ago

guys. if you're about to click on the link thinking you'll get to see more of the girl in the thumbnail.. NO, it's not there.

UltraNova2226d ago


Damn it man you destroyed all my hopes!

ThanatosDMC2226d ago

@Nix, thanks for looking out for us.

SaveMeJebus2226d ago

But wait, all is not lost! Here is the image that was shunned, and now without blurred boobs! (NSFW)

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Ezz20132226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

Drake is one of my all time favorite video game characters along with Joel(TLOU)
But i also don't think of him as normal guy
Drake is the one man army
the guy can do anything thing and survive anything

Rambo should be very jealous.

Vhampir2226d ago

You like Joel...really?

Rambo survived war, being discarded, betrayed, watching his friends being blown to pieces, and losing just about everyone he's ever cared about. He should be jealous of a pretty boy sociopath thief who kills people for treasures?

Some people just scare me with their thinking.

Ezz20132226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )


Yes really i like Joel
He's one of the most loved video game characters and pretty much most of who played the game agreed with all what he did
Many and i would have done the same thing in a world like that
and would have done the same thing for Ellie
I even like him way more than Ellie.

You took the Rambo comment way too srsly i was joking there
but come to think of it
yeah ,Drake in all Uncharted games
always in some sort of war,and got betrayed
he survived a Flood,a plane crash,ship crash,Helicopter chasing him and at the end he drop it down,train crash,got shot and he was near dead and still was able to keep fight for so long before he pass out,he survive a Tank

i could list more..but i'm at work at the moment

also, Drake only kill the people who are trying to kill him
what you want him to do?!
go to the guys who want to kill him and give them rose and hold hands into the sunset ?!
also, since when looking for hidden treasures that no one even know about in uncharted places is stealling ...stealling from who?!
you really speak like someone who never played an uncharted game before.

I wonder what you think of Lara Craft as well ..because reboot or not she is also killing people and looking for treasures
or better yet
i wonder what you think of Indiana jones
who inspired both Lara and Drake.

**Some people just scare me with their thinking. **

right back at ya

Vhampir2226d ago

I'm sure no one knew about that oil lamp in Uncharted 2. A museum is a junk yard anyway, right? I'm sure that guard survived the fall too.

Nathan Drake is just a nice guy, I mean who else would show those 'bad guys' the way to all those treasures. They seem to have so much trouble on their own, especially with those 'defenses' kicking their ass. What would they do without their hero to open the damn door for them...

But, you missed the point anyway.

Ezz20132226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

No i think you are the one missing the point

If that oil lamp is somthing as important as treasures and the gurad did die like you are trying to say
Then how Drake was able to get out of prison so fast after ??
He knew the gurad would survive since he dropped him in the sea
And if you even played the game you would know that the gurad did survive if you looked down you would see him swim
I will even show you a video of this when i get home
And this is why i question you playing uncharted
Also he went there using dart guns
He don't want to kill any one who isn't trying to kill him.

Also the "bad guys" indeed had no idea how to find treasurs and that why they keep threat either him or someone he love to force Drake to help them since they know he's the best there is in finding treasures.

So yeah anything else or are we done with this pointless talk??

Godmars2902226d ago

How is this Croft, versus the one who killed a T-Rex with two pistols, any less "normal" than Drake?

Aside that one doesn't die graphically, can't really see any difference. Except for boobs.

G_V_Black2226d ago


Joel is a favorite of mine as well (though I think Ellie stole the show in TLOU). I also like Walter White, Don Draper, Mr. White, etc.. There is something to be said for a good anti-hero.

babadivad2226d ago

Not gonna lie, I didn't REALLY come around on ellie until she fought off the dude trying to rape her. I liked Joel instantly. I think Joel edged Ellie in my book.

That part {rape}about Ellie sounded bad. I ment she was cool and all but she didn't really set herself apart until that section of the game. She proved how tough she was and even if something were to happen to Joel, she'd be OK. Proved she could take care of herself and not just be a burden for others. They were both awesome characters though.

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jer11222226d ago

Yep was thinking same thing.

JMyers2226d ago

@ Vhampir

So what if he is physically fit? Many people are in real life, and many games' protagonists are. Most games done have "ugly" protagonist. It's not real life. It's fiction.

An yes, UC would still be popular without Chloe's ass. She is one game, and not the most interesting thing about that game. Most people still prefer Elena, and that's what, most personality?

IAmLee2226d ago

I'm just Waiting for the inevitable SJW shitstorm..

SaveMeJebus2226d ago

They were already here and they took the original thumbnail with them.

peshkavusCA2226d ago

Proves that you're in love with Nathan Drake. NOthing wrong being gay.. :)

DarkOcelet2226d ago

WUT? Just NO!

I like his personality doesn't mean i love him lol. But i am in love with Lara though :3

ginsunuva2226d ago

But Drake's arguably the most attractive male character in video game history.

DownAtFraggleRock2225d ago

Imagine if Drake and Lara did the dirty deed. Now that would be a good looking specimen!

ShadowKnight2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

Indiana Jones says hi too :)

DarkOcelet2226d ago

We are mainly talking bout games here but Indiana could be their Grandpa or something :)

Orionsangel2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

Definitely because the first game became popular because at the time there was no other game like it except Mario 64 and Bubsy 3d. People seem to forget that in 96 there were only three third person exploration games. Two were platformers. Tomb Raider was an action/adventure game. Where you explored in third person, climbing, collecting, solving room size puzzles, pulling down levers and pushing crates. It would influence so many games like Sands of Time, God of War and of course Uncharted to name a few. This usually gets lost to most people because all they see is Lara Croft as T&A. That's sad for such a groundbreaking game like the original Tomb Raider.

Imalwaysright2226d ago

She is FAR more popular than the Drake.

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jer11222226d ago

Well that was 5 min I will never get back. Honestly more disappointed in myself because I knew it was going to be bad but I still clicked on it and read it. New Year's resolution not to click on stupid topics anymore

SaveMeJebus2226d ago

If that's your only New Year's resolution then you're in pretty good shape my friend!

MasterCornholio2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

They changed it.

SaveMeJebus2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

I blurred out the nips though because I knew it would offend someone. Someone was still offended.

GrimDragon2226d ago

Lara croft "was" a sexy tomb raider. Now she's just a pretty girl tomb raiding. Bring back the shorts and tank top! Bring back the real Lara Croft not this sjw incarnation.

scark922226d ago

Agreed. World is too PC now

rainslacker2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

No doubt. Article claiming she's sexy...shows nothing but pictures of the character in a thick winter coat. Throw in a scarf for good measure to not offend anyone I guess.

Defies all logic.

More on topic, I would agree the old Lara would be sexy, but the new one is rather plain IMO. More natural than the original for sure, not ugly, pretty even, but sexy is a bit of a stretch since she doesn't really exude sex appeal. Basically she looks like any random girl you might meet who takes care of herself, but isn't turning heads in the street. Outside of looks though, her whiny voice would turn me off. I like the original Lara's confidence, but the new one is just kind of...apprehensive I guess.

The original creators did create Lara to be sexy though, because they knew that sex sells...and their creation got the attention they were hoping for back then.

81BX2226d ago

The new chick is sexier!

SaveMeJebus2226d ago

I agree, she's more natural.

81BX2225d ago

Yup thats what i also like about the uncharted ladies. They seem like the type you would normally meet somewhere.

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megatron007332226d ago

Image changed... Clicks are going down :D