Virtual Rome recreated using Cell Processor

A 6 minute demo of Rome Reborn Model V1.1, the city of Rome created with the power of the Cell processor. This demo was shown during Siggraph 2008.

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drewdrakes3721d ago

They should use the specs of this server in the next playstation. No need for a GPU. 2 cell processors, 2GB of ram, awesome.

PirateThom3721d ago

The original plan for the PS3 was 4 Cell Processors, they should do that.

chaosatom3721d ago

2 gb ram will be too slow by the time ps4 comes out.

C_SoL3721d ago

If the PS3 had 2 Cell Processors it would create wonders. That's if it had a more RAM of course.....

Harry1903721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

it is being displayed using the PS3 in the video.

zo6_lover273721d ago

Its only being displayed using the ps3, it was using IBM's blade center, but it still uses the same processor as the ps3. Listen to 5:00

C_SoL3721d ago

Cell's power.................If u would want that quality of graphics in a game u need another Cell for the physics, animation & all that other stuff.

uie4rhig3720d ago

the original PS3 had 2CELL CPU's, one to aid the RSX constantly, i wonder if they would have giving more RAM if they went with that plan

MNicholas3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

but here's a reality check:

The rack they've got is capable of processing atleast 50 million polygons per frame (which equals 1.5B polygons per second at 1080P) but it's also got as much as 32 times the power of the Cell processor in the PS3 due to the fact that it has between 10 and 12 blades or between 20 and 24 Cell processors, each with 8 SPEs available for processing graphics.

Having said that the single single Cell processor (6 SPEs available for graphics) in the PS3 is no slouch (should run 45M polygons per second or more at 1080P by itself using this raytracing engine) and that's with no assistance from RSX.

As someone noted in a post on the source site someone could drop the SPE use by half to 3 SPEs which would drop resolution to 720P. By doing that they could, theoretically, create a ray-traced game. However, much cleverness would be required to figure out how to make RSX paste in additional effects when the scene has already been rendered by the CELL.

MNicholas3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Turns out they were using a BladeCenter H chassis. If we assume that all the bays filled, the numbers need to be corrected.

If all the bays were filled, then the numbers I gave for the PS3 Cell should be corrected downwards from 45M polygons per second to 38M polgons per second.

This means just 3 SPEs should be able to churn through 38 Million ray-traced polygons per second at 720P.

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AStupidXbot3721d ago

Im A Stupid Xbot, only this power is within the PS3.

whateva3721d ago

let all the PS3's work together to make a online world!!

DarkBlade3721d ago

Maybe this would be an expansion for home later in the future for ps3. Lol a Vacation from home.

chaosatom3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

perhaps GOD of WAR. <----------

THC CELL3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

Maybe set for God Of War hahah

only god of war is set in greece

Kleptic3721d ago

only sometimes its set in Greece...but its always set in the ancient city of 'awesomeness'...

THC CELL3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

used in the next God Of War

Only god of war is set in Greece

red5ive3721d ago

rome is in italy. yes?

BananaSlug3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

what if Kratos has to destroy Rome?

that would be sic!

kevin11123721d ago

haha, thats funny lol. i can see where the confusion comes, we italian and greeks do share similarities.

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