IGN's Best of 2006, Best New Console: PS3

Console launch years only come around twice a decade or so, and they're always guaranteed to be exciting years. The 360 matured dramatically since this time last year and its second-generation titles like Gears of War and CoD3 made the PlayStation 3's job of shocking the world with its immense power rather difficult.

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Gears5454d ago

Wii baby, 360 for HD.

THWIP5454d ago

Of the 2 new consoles, Wii is the CLEAR winner, both in innovation (compared to the PS3), and in sales.

joemutt5454d ago

In this months EGM they did a comparison of the Wii vs. the PS3.

Every editor involved chose the Wii as the best.

The average game rating for Wii was 6.4
The average game rating for PS3 was 6.1

power of Green 5454d ago

#5 i think PS3 will go the way of Neo Geo just my opinion don't bash me.

#5 It will never happen It's not possible tech wise with PS3 and i dought a hardware company will out do a software company in the Software world.

WTF is an Xbot BRUTUS?, i just don't get you rabbid hardcore Sony fans. Captian! CAAVVVEEEE!!!!! MAANNN!!!!(me! no! like! xcrapa!) Uug! ME BRUTUS me like PS-twee.

CAPS LOCK5454d ago

i thought the 360 would take the crown because it has been out for long and had alot of games. IGN is wright for one thing and that the ps3 will mature over the years and i predict that the graphics, online and different uses for the ps3 will excel more than the 360 and the wii. people don't bash me for my opinion i have feeling too you know.

TheXgamerLive5454d ago

This was best "new" console for 2006! It only includes 2 consoles, Wii and ps3.

So, yeah your right though, if it was an all 3 simultanious launch, it would be the Xbox 360. It has risen above all others.

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The story is too old to be commented.