Smash Bros Characters We Want The Most

Super Smash Brothers, a game series loved by many, had its first game release sixteen years ago. At first glance, gamers thought it was nothing more than a simple brawler game with Nintendo characters, and that’s all it really was at its core.

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thugtrio2110d ago

Shantae, King K. Rool, and Isaac deserve the spot the most! I think Shantae has the biggest potential move-set of all the characters.

nintendo18892110d ago

I'd love to see more Donkey Kong Country reps, now that Nintendo owns all the rights, we have way too many Fire Emblem characters lol.

DiscoKid2110d ago

Isaac and Rool, yeah! But not Shantae.

nintendo18892110d ago

I'd take Shantae over Shovel Knight by far.

nintendo18892110d ago

Either one would be freaking awesome, Phil Spencer of the Xbox Division stated in a Tweet that Nintendo and Rare worked out a deal where they can use the characters

nintendo18892110d ago

She would be good, we just need anything but more Fire Emblem characters, we have way too many.

fatneal2110d ago

no more sword characters...smash need villains and more female fighters

1.i say krystal with a staff as her weapon would be dope but wolf will definitely be in if she is not...wolf is actually the safest bet

2.king k rool would be cool because hes a villain and smash needs more heavy characters but dixie kong seems like she has a better chance of getting especially since sakurai said he wanted her in brawl.

3.i think shovel knight gets in outlandish personal pick is a ninja turtle...the ninja turtles games were classics back in the day and there was even a ninja turtles smash bros type game on wii...with ninja turtles being popular yet again and there being a new movie coming id love to see one of em in.

5. also link was in soul calibur...long shot but its possible namco could get a rep

nintendo18892110d ago

Yeah, getting sick of so many sword-wielding characters, we need Krystal and/or Wolf, two Star Fox characters is downright pathetic.

NSG2110d ago

Hey really good list! I had forgot about banjo and kazooie, they were great! The other characters on there would be good too! They might as well add the entire star fox family

nintendo18892110d ago

Agreed, and thank you! The game definitely needs more Star Fox characters for sure, and Sakurai almost did add Krystal in Brawl, the problem were time constraints and time to take to develop her as a character.

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The story is too old to be commented.