Gamers Universe: Race Driver: GRID DS Review

Gamers Universe writes: "Brakes screeching, tyres squealing and trailing the next-gen versions by over two months, Race Driver: GRID finally skids onto DS. But has it been worth the wait? Well, while it doesn't quite deliver the authenticity, spectacle or adrenalin rush of its glossy HD cousins, for petrol-heads starved of decent DS speed thrills (the sublime Mario Kart aside, of course) this is as good as it gets.

Unfortunately, however, we can't recommend you buy it.

The problem's not out on the track. The car models and track layouts are more detailed than you have any right to expect on Nintendo's sorely-underpowered handheld, and everything zips along at an invigorating and occasionally even pulse-quickening rate. Handling satisfies too, with the branded cars all possessing their own distinct driving identities."

+Fast, thrilling race action
+Varied challenges and tests
+Loads to unlock
+Superb track editor
+Excellent multiplayer options

-Spotting bends can be tricky
-Essentially Create & Race Plus

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