PC, Xbox 360 Dominate Game Development

Game Daily writes: "According to the 2008 Game Development Survey, a new 180-page report from Game Developer Research that questions nearly 2,000 developers from North America and elsewhere (mostly Europe), the PC still rules the development roost. 70 percent of those surveyed said they are making games for the PC/Mac, compared to 43 percent who are making console games, 28 percent who are making games for web platforms and 16 percent who are making portable games."

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Fat Princess3745d ago

"Game Daily writes:"...

I stopped there.

Vicophine3745d ago

LOL yeah really, bubbles +

Mausenheimmer3745d ago

Unless of course the headline said something flattering about the PS3. Then GameDaily is the most reliable source on the internet.

Bonsai12143745d ago

me too. 360 development and pc development are basically the same thing. so they should just group them together.

TheIneffableBob3745d ago

This info is from a "2008 Game Development Survey", though, not Game Daily.

deeznuts3745d ago

Uh, a survey of mostly NA and some EU developers, favors the 360. Profound stuff.

Next thing you know, they're going to declare:

"A survey of 3,000 doctors find: Your sheeyat is brown and ours still stinks."

Bangladesh3745d ago

With the exception of a very few, the Sony fanatics are avoiding this story like the plague. I guess they don't want to debate when they can't spin things in their favor.

psycho3603745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

@fat princess

Joined 2 days back already having 7 bubbles and with 90% of comments borderlining fanboyism how many accounts do you have to make your bubbles not only from going down but increasing 1 per day? Soon you'll have 10 bubbles and with nothing but hate against 360 i'm sure you'll be there in every 360 news.

ON topic. MS is a software company and knows what drives the hardware i.e software (for few of you with single digit iq) so they designed their hardware in similar way which the devs were already comfortable with i.e pc architecture and so here it is ... more games, more quality titles, less wait for gamers on 360 platform, more variety with only exception being the hardware reliability. ALthough the latter has been addressed in the newer machines.

Josie293745d ago

The PC and 360 are two different platforms and should not be counted together.

By your logic, we could go ahead and count the PS3 with Blu-ray movies since the Cell has the same architecture as a video decoder.

3745d ago
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TheMART3745d ago

"Interestingly, on the console front, console developers seem to show a preference for Microsoft's Xbox 360. 73 percent are creating games for 360, 58 percent (including some of the same respondents) for PS3, and 42 percent for the Wii."


3745d ago
BattleAxe3745d ago

Hmmm, thats funny, I don't really hear of a whole lot of great games comming out for the XBOX. Maybe the reason that Microsoft hasn't got an event planned for Leipzig is because they have nothing to talk about. Looks like all those devs are hard at work making nothing for the XBOX 360.

Game Daily is a joke! LMAO

3745d ago
Chaos Striker3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Talk about posting complete and utter bs all the way down the line. For one, The Last Remnant is a timed exclusive. Secondly, all Square Enix games? FF13 Versus? Dragon Quest? Thirdly: Socom being developed by a no-name developer? Try again cuz you fail beyond imagination. Confrontation is being developed by Slant Six, critically known for their development of Socom Tactical Strike and Syphon Filter Dark Mirror, which were critically acclaimed on the PSP. Finally, your saying that Resistance and LittleBigPlanet are not well known franchises? Thanks captain obvious considering LittleBigPlanet is new. Oh and as for your list for unknown franchises, Infinite Undiscovery and Left4Dead are unknown since they are new as well. Keep on typing and keep on contradicting yourself, I promote it.

*edit: wow at people who disagree with facts...

BattleAxe3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Gears of War and Fable 2 are the only great exclusives coming out for the 36o. Really though, shouldn't it be called Gears of War 1.5? I mean wow, what an evolution in online gaming. They've really pushed things to the extreme with 5 vs.5 lol. Resistance has 30 vs. 30 with 8 player online Co-op, so what were you talking about again?? LMAO

Banjo Kazooi Nuts and Bolts?? please give me a break. There have already been a few articles saying that the game so far looks underwhelming.

I could care less about RPGs, but the PS3 has its own exclusive RPGs aswell like: Valkyria Chronicles, Eternal Sonata, Final Fantasy Verses XIII, White Knight Chronicles ect..

I haven't heard of any great exclusive racing games coming out for 360, but the PS3 has MotorStorm: Pacific Rift which looks fantastic.

What other great exclusive shooters does the 360 have coming out this year?................the answer is nothing. Having said that, I'm soooo looking forward to SOCOM: Confrontation. This game is so huge.

moving along, what does the 360 have for the beginning of next year? the answer..............nothing great.

What about Sony? Killzone 2 and God of War 3.......need I say anymore. Oh, and as far as Left for Dead goes, I'm not into Zombie Shooters, but EA will probably port this to the PS3, just like BioShock was ported by T2.

What about MMOs? XBOX 360 doesn't have any coming out, while Sony has The Agency, DC Universe Online and M.A.G.. So please son, you look silly coming around here shooting your mouth off about things you know very little about. I think that as an XBOX 360 owner, you're easy to please :)

kevin11123745d ago

it seems every xbox fanboy forgets that gran turismo is bigger than any 360 game.

juuken3745d ago

What exactly are you people winning? Microsoft doesn't even have a conference planned on the 20th. Lol, just because FailDaily mentioned your system and the PC is easier to develop for, doesn't mean you guys are *winning*.


BattleAxe3745d ago

Come on you guys, I want to hear about what great titles the XBOX 360 has comming out!, and please don't say Banjo Kazooi: Nuts and bolts.LMAO

List some other EXCLUSIVES comming over the holidays and into the beginning of next year other than Gears of War 1.5 and Fable 2.

Wheres Alan Wake? Wheres Microsoft at Leipzig? Is the next big thing a HALO 3 expansion pack?

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AStupidXbot3745d ago

I'm going to be smart, of course since the 360 is easier to develop, some devs would prefer it for development. This is inaccurate.

Mausenheimmer3745d ago

So how is it inaccurate? If devs prefer to develop games for the 360, then it is completely accurate to say that most games being developed are for the 360.

Are you even trying to troll anymore?

N00BZSUCKASS3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

pay him no mind. he's a stupid droid.

pwnsause3745d ago

GAMEDAILY AGAIN? I thought this was Banned from N4G

testerg353745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Please... if we decided to go with only what PS3 fans consider unbiased sites, we would only get articles from sites.

Edit: Because they gave MGS4 an 8/10??? LOL.. I have MGS4 and I thought it was more movie than game. Prettiest movie, but that's it. I would say 8-9/10.

pwnsause3745d ago

really? how so? by giving games such as MGS4 an 8 out of 10 because they looked at glass bottles instead of the character design/story and the actual enviornments themselves?

This was the same site that stated that the Xbox 360 was the greatest console ever created (a CURRENT GENERATION CONSOLE). DO you actually believe in their Journalistic integrity if they stated this (WHICH THEY DID). The greatest console ever created in my opinion was the SNES cause nintendo delivered with their promises back at the time.

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL please, just because i said this doesnt mean that im going for CN4G(COMMUNIST NEWS 4 GAMERS)

beoulve3745d ago

they sound more like XBOX King now.

poindat3745d ago

Quality over quantity....


The PC and the 360 are easier to develop for, so of course more devs want to make games for them.

Mausenheimmer3745d ago

Also, a lot of games are developed for the PC and 360 simultaneously since they both use DVDs like BioShock last year and Left 4 Dead this year.

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