British ‘Street Fighter IV’ Pro Problem X Wants To Push the Scene Forward

Britain's best right now wants competitive Street Fighter playing to evolve, and he's ready to lead from the front line.

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gamer78041956d ago

its a shame there will be less mid-low skill competition when street fighter V arrives due to not being on as many platforms.

die_fiend1956d ago

It's also a shame that of the 2 big players, 1 failed to make a console that appeals to 2/3 of gamers, which is what you're seeing here.

Sitdown1956d ago

So it's not possible to have something appeal to you, but you still choose not to purchase it?

Shineon1956d ago

3 big players, would gaming be better if we only had 1 big player,?

die_fiend1956d ago

3 big players?

If you mean Nintendo, I'm not sure they're a big player in this generation. If you hadn't noticed, the Wii U didn't do all that well. And no, gaming would be worse with 1 player, what a silly remark.

'So it's not possible to have something appeal to you, but you still choose not to purchase it?'. Depends on your financial situation I suppose, I'm sure this can happen.

gamer78041956d ago

Eh? What u r seeing is paid exclusivity. Timed I'm fine with, I can wait, but that's not the case here

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vanity291956d ago

I have faith in the combined fighting community of pc and ps4.

SirJoJo1956d ago

Being an avid UK ultra street fighter 4 veteran myself, I fully get what he is saying. Too many ABC players over here, no one stepping outside the box, its one of the reasons why I main Guy, I know for a fact if I main an "ABC" character I would demolish the online competition without a sweat but its just too boring, I like a challenge so I purposely use awkward characters as it forces me to get better and at the same time, it quickly teaches me all the common techniques of the "ABC"characters. Its one of the reason people rage quit on me so much, I render their strategies null and void and force them to think outside the box and try something different.