OXM UK: Shaun White Snowboarding Preview

OXM UK writes: "No, we hadn't heard of Shaun White before, either. But then, only the achingly street had heard of Tony Hawk before he started putting his name on game boxes, and now even our gran knows who he is. Based on our hands-on time with this snow-based skater, Mr. White is cruising for similar levels of notoriety.

Shaun White Snowboarding is an awesomely comprehensive recreation of the sport. It's been built by a team of snowboarding fans at Ubisoft Montreal to closely mimic the experience of strapping yourself to a floorboard and throwing yourself off a mountain.

From the off, there's no interest in flashy graphics, pounding music, or obnoxious AI. Instead, you get a mountain. Four mountains, in fact, because the game doesn't place any restrictions on where you can go: you can skip his home peak in Utah and go straight to the treacherous slopes of Alaska on your very first play. "It's a bad idea," warns producer Louis Lamarche, 'but you can do it. You can perform and progress how you want.'"

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