Michael Pachter: Xbox's Unmerry Xmas

One of the most outspoken and prolific observers of the videogame industry is Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter. Unlike many analysts, he's willing to make brash statements and bold predictions, which has earned him fans, detractors and haters. But for journalists like us, brash statements and bold predictions are like mother's milk, which is why we've had Pachter on speed-dial for several years. Newsweek caught up with Pachter yesterday for a quick e-mail interview about the current state of the videogame market, why his bullishness about Xbox 360 failed to pan out, and his expectations for 2007 and beyond...

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Yo Wassap5260d ago

Where do they find all these analysts?

Sexius Maximus5260d ago

I now believe more than ever, that if an analyst said it, it's probably wrong. Most are douche bags that can guess an outcome no better than any of us on this forum.

Maddens Raiders5260d ago

those words should be encased in gold and put on display downtown.

Master of Menace5260d ago (Edited 5260d ago )

I thought there were more hard core gamers willing to buy 360. Wrong!

GamerX25260d ago

sorry Analyse that!!!!!

GamerX25260d ago

sorry Analyse that!!!!!

pmx5260d ago

O please, this guy dont even play, i'm playing sice 19 years already and Xbox 360 is more that anyone was expecting!!

I spent couple of hours playing ps3 trying to find a single advantage over the 360 and realized that all the bad press was fair with them.

The Wii, is good but, this is only a new control for the Gamecube. and thats it!!

Master of Menace5260d ago

Did you hear that! I just heard another 600,000 PS2's being sold.

frostbite065260d ago (Edited 5260d ago )

Ps2. The system that never dies.

dantesparda5260d ago (Edited 5260d ago )

i was expecting more from the 360 so you're wrong there buddy

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The story is too old to be commented.