Sony to have 1:1 motion-tracking sword game by Xmas

Yesterday at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's London Studios confirmed that they are working on a first-person motion-tracking sword game that will be released by Christmas 2008.

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sonarus3722d ago

i'm surprised this is ps2 and not ps3

Adamalicious3722d ago

I expect we'll see this kind of thing for the PS3 as well, but the PS2 is in a much better position to directly compete with Wii and the PS2 is still more profitable for Sony. By the time PS2 stops being a major profit center for Sony the PS3 should be firing on all cylinders - sounds like a good strategy to me.

mikeslemonade3722d ago

Once PS3 gets 1:1 i'm selling the Wii.

Torch3722d ago

Damn, I was hoping to sell you mine! ;)

The likes of Red Steel was one of my primary motivators for picking up my Wii at launch...and we all know how THAT turned out. :(

Hawkeyes3153722d ago

U could own a 129$ motion PS2 instead of buying a 250$ Wii.

Tomdc3722d ago

i want that on PS3 that is what nintendo should be doing!If they could make some very fun games that have a decent story and use the wiimote well i would buy more games and use it not only when friends are round.

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Fishy Fingers3722d ago

Excellent, Sony aren't even close to fully utilizing the PS3 camera. This is a great start. I know a lot of people out there find it difficult to get their heads around the console controllers with all their buttons. This is a easy, fun and interactive way to get into gaming.

Deadgood3722d ago

I think the logic on a PS2 rather than PS3 release, is that PS2 market penetration is still much, much better than PS3's. Plus, with it's cartoony graphics, a game like this wouldn't really benefit from a 'next-gen' upgrade.

DJ3722d ago

One solution would be to copy the techniques of motion capture, which is to have indicative markers/dots on the peripheral itself. Making a foam sword or ____ obviously doesn't cost too much, so there's a lot of potential when they move over to the PS3 (publicly).

Cajun Chicken3722d ago

Totally never expected that!
Nice to hear some little movements of technology going on at SCEE
Question is; 'for PS3, or not for PS3?'

Fishy Fingers3722d ago

This is for the PS2, although Id like to see these ideas grow into the PS3's domain.

thePatriot3722d ago

u could brobably play it on ps3.

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The story is too old to be commented.