Famitsu Japan Game Charts 2008-8-4 / 2008-8-10 and Sales


Fire Emblem: New Shadow Dragons and the Blade of Light [NDS]


Rhythm Heaven Gold [NDS]


Phantasy Star Portable [PSP]


Tales of Vesperia [360]


Dragon Quest V [NDS]



Wii: 36,000
360: 24,000

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sonarus3721d ago

Nice sales for the 360

UNCyrus3721d ago

too bad the info is fake...

sonarus3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

Their japanese data comes straight from famitsu which is an official sales source by the way. So you can say as much crap as you want but its not fake

@mohib. It won't most definitely fail, it has already failed. All these exclusive RPG's are just a futile attempt to fustrate sony. Sony is sleeping in Japan because they don't consider the 360 to be a threat. It would. Even Shane Kim pretty much admitted 360 has no hope in Japan

mohib-uddin79865323721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

This is becuase of technology. Japan are big on having the latest technology.

(Check out there mobile fashion)

blu-ray has seen the fastest rise in japan. people will not buy a 360 becuase it uses DVD and is not exactly future proof.

wicked3721d ago

1.3, how come they are buying loads of wii's, they are dvd based

mohib-uddin79865323721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

yeh, i know i actualy said that in my post but got rid of it

also the wii is seen as a 2nd console and NOT A nex gen console. wii is like ps2


himdeel3721d ago

...Hello Kitty so they are just in their own world...

militant073721d ago

wow your suck as your country
your also idiot, people buy cosole to play not to watch movie or for futur technlogy.
if they like those thing so why wii sale too much ?
your showing how fail your. im not saying that as fanboy, but its FACT.
ولادخل الدين في اللعب

UGA_13721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )


What exactly are you saying, and why did you decide to use arabic at the end of your post while the rest is in english. Are you looking for attention?


They arabic translated into:

"To enter religion in the game"

That's fine, but can you keep it off of N4G

SmokeyMcBear3721d ago

he can write in arabic if he wants... now hush hate monger

UGA_13721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )


I know, what was I thinking...

BTW nice bulldog in the pic.

militant073720d ago

i said "DO NOT enter religion in the game"
your using crap translater

ولا = and dont
دخل = enter
الدين = religion
في = in
اللعب = the games

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power of Green 3721d ago

You have problems, just look at your unsername...

Are you sick?

XxZxX3721d ago

same sh*t to me.
Hello Kettle, I see you just called Pot.

PS360WII3721d ago

Good stuff for Fire Emblem DS :)

mohib-uddin79865323721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

360 probably outsold ps3

Sony is scared


Omega43721d ago

Looks like MS efforts are paying off, i wonder if the PS3 had another decrease in sales this week, might not even break the 10,000 mark.

Imagine the 360 beating the PS3 at a higher than 2:1 ratio in their home durf, Sony needs to step up their game if they want to be a close 3rd posistion and not a distanced 3rd position

sonarus3721d ago

A couple of weeks ago ps3 sold like 77,000 and 360 was selling like 3000 that is a 25:1 ratio so there is really no need to jump up and down. Awesome RPG got released on 360 and it sold 100,000 units. PS3 sales will be similar once sony RPG's start dropping. FFXIII still exclusive in Japan and lets not forget White Knight Story is still out there

Omega43721d ago

But this is the 360 we're talking about, the PS3 should be selling like the Wii considering its PS2 base but its not. The 360 on the other hand which was considered dead is actually outselling it, and its momentum will only continue with IU in a couple of weeks and the Last Remant later. While within that timeframe the PS3 will have nothing to appeal to the Japanese audience meaning its slaes can only go down.

cmrbe3721d ago

the wii is twice as cheap.

Fernando Rocker3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )


Price is not a factor. People buy Wii's on ebay, Amazon stores, Craiglist for more than the price of a PS3 or 360. Besides, the Wii is about the same price in Japan... and in Europe the 360 is actually cheaper than the Wii.

Besides, millions of people is willing to pay $250 for the Wii, but why do you guys want a price cut for the PS3? Aparently to you guys the PS3 is a great value at that price, but still, people don't see the PS3 as a great purchase, thats why they want a pric cut.

cmrbe3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

are you serious?. Price is a very, very big factor. Do you seriously believe the wii would sell as many unit it dose at the moment if its at the same price of the PS3?.

Edit: Value is one thing but affordability is another thing altogether. For example. A person that earns minium wage may see the PS3 as a great value with all the inbuilt tech but unfortunately the PS3 price is out of reach for them. Thats is why most PS3 fans wants a price drop. Not because we don't see the value but because at 400 minium its still out of the price range of mainstream consumers. We are not talking about a couple of bucks more expensive. We are talking about twice as expensive.

kinggeoff3721d ago

may be on to something there. Everyone is SCREAMING for a ps3 price cut. 360 is already getting some, and the wii is almost the same price it debuted with...people clearly see some kind of value in the wii

cmrbe3721d ago

Why drop the price of the wii if its already twice as cheap?. Yes there is no denyning that the wii is hot property and some people are willing to buy it for more on the net but lets not kid ourselves. If suddenly Nin raised the price of the wii to 400USD i doubt much that it would sell the number of units its is doing right now. Value of a product in most cases greatly depends on its price as well as features. To say that price is not a factor like Frenando just said is plain stupid. Again the PS3 is at 400 USD. If you add all the teh in the PS3 it should actually cost more than 400 USD and its great value however its not affordable to the mainstream consumer.

squallheart3721d ago

i bought a wii and ended up giving it to my father since i didnt even play the damn thing. Disappointed again just like the gamecube when will i learn :/

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