World of Warcraft Down - Hacked?

Servers/Realms throughout World of Warcraft experienced technical difficulties today and strange messages such as "Game ends in 2 minutes" started appearing.

UPDATE: The outage is also on top of the seemingly unrelated trouble with the "Vindication Battlegroups" as servers on the "Misery Battlegroup" are also down.

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AuToFiRE4915d ago

careful.. you could have 8.5 million angry nerds at your door in the near future

LossTheEarthbreaker4915d ago

I should've added something, but instead some angry wow nerds (yes, I am a nerd, too, and formerly was a "wow nerd") did a quick disagree because I took pleasure in their inability to waste more of their lives.

I would have been pissed as hell if I still played.

Trust me, I wasted 150 real life days in-game.

You could chalk up maybe 24 hours of that to afk time. No one should ever play a game that much.

You start to lose your grip on reality. There's no end in WoW, either. You just try to get as much crap as possible to become as overpowered as possible and it takes a long goddamn time with scheduled raids throughout the week and at least 30 other people who want to do the same thing.

I wish that WoW would have been hacked to death when I was playing. It's a godsend when the game is down and you have no other option but to do something else.

Montrealien4915d ago (Edited 4915d ago )

It`s also a god send to have self control. A lot of mature well to do people can deal with a game like wow and never let it take over their life, some don`t. Like jelly beans.

Tomdc4915d ago

i got it for a month cos my friend persuaded me but i gave up after 2 weeks cos i got bored... didnt like it, its very repetative plus i couldn't really take part in err.. instances they are called i think cos i couldn't find time to stay on for more than 2 hours straight.

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humble_gamer4916d ago

now you WOW guys can get what some of us like to call a life:)

Panthers4916d ago

If they dont kill themselves first

Caxtus7504916d ago

Thanks for the kind words ;)

*Goes back to shaking in a dark corner*

Mcrmarcher4916d ago

thats alot of p!ssed of wow players lol.

testii4916d ago

anyone who can confirm this?

Montrealien4916d ago (Edited 4916d ago )

I`m at work so I can`t, but I mean, this has happened before. Why it is news is beyong me.

edit: everything seems to be working fine, all realms are up. Things like this happen in MMO`s, this is not news. And yesterday was server maintance.

Caxtus7504915d ago

As mentioned in the article this was nothing to do with the scheduled maintinence. The realms are all working now although some are still having minor issues.

The articles was written yesterday so was correct at the time of publication.

Montrealien4915d ago

all I`m saying is that it has happened before, server crashes happen, nothing new.

enjoi1874916d ago

ahhaah i wonder how many suicides there where...

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The story is too old to be commented.