Should Fans Start To Worry About The Street Fighter V Story Mode?

Ever Since Capcom has hinted that Street Fighter V will have a Story Mode, fans have patiently awaited any new info or glimpse at what this mode might offer. some hoped for an Anime cut-scenes heavy narration, others were craving a Cgi or in-game graphics cinematic videos. However, as weeks and months have passed, and as we get closer and closer to the game’s release date, the anticipation started slowly turning into worries. Why have capcom not shown anything about this story mode? But a better question would be: Should Fans start to worry about the Street Fighter V Story mode?

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Austin482105d ago

Nah I'm sure it will be preety good so I'm not worried

Lord_Sloth2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

Neither am I. Even if the story turns out horrible we all buy Street Fighter in the end for the same reason: to throw down!

Of course I am hoping it turns out great.

WelkinCole2105d ago

Perhaps they dont want to spoil the story in the story mode?.

XtraTrstrL2105d ago

I'd be worried, with them not being confident in their work in other areas already, there's a chance they'll screw that up. Though, I do like where the story timeline is pointing at, getting into the illuminati/G Project type stuff with characters like F.A.N.G in there. So maybe there'll be more experiment characters like Necro coming as new to the series.

Vhampir2105d ago

Of all the major fighting games, Street Fighter has only had a token effort at a story. They should be worried about the gameplay. They've already said the plan is for accessibility. Which has always been a great way to kill longevity.

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The story is too old to be commented.