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While Square Enix is hard at work on Final Fantasy XV, a smaller team has ported the final installment of the FFXIII saga onto PC with some rather positive results. While Square Enix stumbled at first with their ports, they have been gradually becoming much better and Lightning Returns is probably the best of the bunch, at least in terms of technological prowess.

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Elda2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

This game had potential but the countdown clock ruined it for me & the graphics were not on par with the first installment.

MeteorPanda2113d ago

oh the countdowns pretty ignorable you know? it's almost just a placebo effect. It's more of a passing of time and theres times you can keep the time from ever going down XD

l think Square should of highlighted that as such l expect the removal or freezing time mods to be out very fast