Get Ready To Pay $180 To Play The Remake Of Final Fantasy VII

Get ready to experience the RPG classic like you never imagined before...with your wallet.

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Kamikaze1352052d ago

I'm fully expecting this. While I'm against it, I want to see what SE does with it before I judge it. If they're really making each part feel like a full game with enough new story to make up for the cut story and enough (good) content to make the game last for at least 40 or so hours (side content included), then I'd gladly pay full price. On top of that, each part really needs to feel like its own game.

However, on the other hand, if each part of the game literally feels like a fragment of a full game and they charge $60, then I'll wait for a price drop.

RpgSama2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

I still remember playing for the first time FFVII, one of the biggest moments of awe in gaming for me was just after completing Midgar and realizing I had an entire game world to still see and adventure.

Midgar felt like a complete game at the time, clocking a lot of hours compared to the length of games in lots of other genres, so in this sense I kind of concur with you, I want to see more of Midgar, and at the same time I want to see more of every other part of FFVII.

If FFVII: PART I feels and has the duration of a complete game while still being really good, I would gladly pay $60, if it feels like a drag and an overextended piece of money grab, the no, the can shove it up theirs.

Kamikaze1352052d ago

Like I said though: it really depends on how SE goes about it. If Midgar is indeed the first part, and SE adds more story to it, more cut-scenes, a handful of fun side quests, fun new areas to explore, maybe some mini game, I'd be fine with it. But if it's mostly what we played with just a bit of content, then yeah, it would be a total rip off.

LordMaim2052d ago

Nothing like throwing up a reactionary article when there is still nothing to react to. The author should get their facts straight, by waiting until there are some facts available. Until then, this is fear mongering of the most clickbaity kind.

kitsune4512052d ago

For a gaming publication to immediately assume they know exactly how SE is planning on monetizing this when no such details have been disclosed is extremely irresponsible.

crxss2052d ago

I'm still going to buy it. As will most people who love final fantasy 7. And square knows it. I'm hoping it costs only max $100 total. $60 would be nice but I doubt that's happening.

bf0007779662052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

yet so many pay happily to Activision 100 bucks per year for playing a trash game

xHeavYx2052d ago

Destiny fans be like "I'd never pay that much"

Outside_ofthe_Box2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

I really really really hate that this is being split into multiple parts. I will most definitely wait until ALL parts are released before I buy it.

But seeing how the remake will release in parts regardless of how much I hate it being so, there's only one way that SE can do it for me to be at least just plainly "upset" that they did it this way instead of angry.

SE's excuse for this is that there is too much content for them to put into one game with the level of detail everyone has come to expect. Fine, I'll give them that.

The thing that I do not want SE to do is do something like make the first game only in Midgar. That is a huge no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no!!!

I should be able to explore the entire world on all discs, but only as it relates to the story.

For example there are certain places in FF7 that you can't access unless you have a submarine, airship, chocobo, etc. And there are certain places that become inaccessible due either destruction or events/circumstances going on the story.

Those certain points is where they should split the game up in my opinion. That way SE doesn't have to waste resources/space on rendering those inaccessible places and we as players won't really mind as those places aren't accessible within the context of the story anyway.

In the first part of the remake SE wouldn't have to waste space on rendering the contents of things under water as players wouldn't be able to go there anyways due to no not having the submarine. And if I recall correctly there's time within the story where Midgar becomes inaccessible due to mako energy content being too high. So in the 2nd part of the remake SE wouldn't have to waste time rendering Midgar.

If Square splits it up like that I'd be fine with that.

indysurfn2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

The thing is they didn't qualify what they meant by a full game. Example, many games are only 10 hours long. But a Square AAA III through IX JRPG game is usually at least 80 hours long, Minimum. So if they mean a 80 hour long game then I could see people being happy with that. But if they mean 20 hours for an JRPG just because it is twice as long as many 10 hour games. Good luck with satisfying people with that length.

Good luck to them to charge that much with a game that has changed it's game play to an action game. And upset the loyal fans. But not the action rpg fans which have never bought the action game like the turn based players have bought the turn based games.

Square has not been able make a 50% penetration game that is action an rpg in Japan or the west. And looks like they may ruin their last chance to get the high percent turn based sales back.

If people are not buying your action games like you want, good luck making them buy one, three or more times.

VenomUK2051d ago

So many so-called gaming websites make it their job to hate because hate equals clicks? Look at the negative campaigns against Shenmue. But I think I can form my own opinion thank you very much!

If each part of the Final Fantasy VII remake delivers a high quality full game experience that adds more depth to each area then I am happy to pay.

donthate2051d ago

I still don't understand why this isn't a $60 remake?

I mean there are other remakes sold for $40. What about it is so large? I mean Halo: MCC had 4 full fledge game with multiplayer for $60, and Uncharted Collection had 3 games, albeit without the multiplayer part for $60.

The game is already made, you just have to port it and add new assets in, maybe redo the voice work. Sounds like a money grab to me!!!

ecchiless2051d ago Show
UltraNova2051d ago

When I was an 11 year old boy I spent months on this game, actually this is the very game that made me the loot whore I am today. I had to have every summon, every weapon and every potion. I remember my 2 best friends making fun of me that I spent 300hrs+ (1/3 was disc swapping hehe) on this game when games like Metal Gear Solid were the s*** at the time, but I refused to stop playing FF7, I was completely captivated and devastated when Aeris died :p

I'm fairly certain I had some of the most magical and memory imprinting moments with FF7 as a young lad and, as evident by now, this game holds a very warm part in my heart as a gamer for the last 25 years.

With all that said (forget the unfounded click-bait article) I will not allow SE and their recent misguided trajectory milk me just because they know that many of us feel the way we feel about this game.

I spent more than enough time with FF7 to have completely memorized every nook and cranny so I will not let nostalgia get the better of me. I will wait to see how all three chapters turn out and for the inevitable, yet discounted 'FF7 Complete edition'.

If this is the last time SE decides to revive FF7, I owe to my self to sit down with my children one day when the're old enough and show them what pure magic gaming is all about.

Square Enix, please dont fuck this up.

bouzebbal2051d ago

i'm ready to pay more if it is! I am so happy for the episodic FF7 remake, especially if they add Crisis Core and Before Crisis into the story. There is a possibility to make something completely insane and at the same time very deep and detailed.
I was afraid they will only scratch the surface of the original with the remake, now i'm really excited.
Some games are just eternal.

Number-Nine2051d ago

You are what's wrong with the industry. You would pay 60$ for a portion of a game? Does it matter if part 1 "feels" like a complete game because you can't progress further until part 2 comes. Ridiculous.

UnwanteDreamz2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

@number nine

And you're what is wrong with people. You think you should get a say in how people spend their hard earned money? You want to go as far as attempting to shame a person for how they spend their money?

You sound like an entitled child.

XisThatKid2051d ago

Geez it really seems some people are REALLY trying to make it a popular opinion to make this remake a bad thing. " Come join me in my hate of this much wanted fanservice, lets try and point out everything wrong with it that might be bad for any other game or franchise and see if it applies "

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hkgamer2052d ago

What? we are allowed to wait for a price drop? Thought we had to pre-order or buy day 1.

100% agree with you.

I expect atleast something similar to crisis core with its side mission. or atleast length of an uncharted game on main story.

Name Last Name2051d ago

Even the Midgar story is longer than any Uncharted...

Apollosupreme2051d ago

Name Last Name, that's irrelevant even if it were true.

kayoss2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

Take my money now!

Letthewookiewin2051d ago

Ya I'm not worried. It really sounds like this will be ok if not, they don't get my money. No sweat.

Anarki2051d ago

You make a very valid point. Before jumping on the Square Enix hate bandwagon, we should see what they offer us in each installation. If each part is the same size as a full game then I would more than happily pay the extra for the other parts of the story. Hopefully Square deliver with this, haven't played a long FF in a while.

showtimefolks2051d ago

can we please wait to see how square enix will do it before jumping to an conclusion? EA charged $110 for star wars battlefront full experience and that's just one game

not defending square or saying they will do it right but as of now we know very little

donthate2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

I don't justify one company's action by another crap one by another. However, I let people decide for themselves if they want it ie I'm not coming in and berate them for it.

showtimefolks2051d ago

Like I said I am not defending square at all. I also have very little doubt about square eating to charge as much as possible

All I was trying to say is let's wait to see how they are gonna Handel this

If ff7 remake us gonna turn into a trilogy and we will have to pay 180 than I don't want it neither will I support it

But gamers don't speak with their wallets

garrettbobbyferguson2051d ago

By default it's going to be an incomplete experience per title because you know that they are cutting it into multiple pieces. You can't just claim each slice of pie feels like a full one suddenly because they have some special filling inside.

miyamoto2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

Wow! These bloggers are really giving the great public exposure to FFVII R.

If Dragon's Crown are very, very niche JRPG that got blasted in public with all the controversy and negativity from these same bloggers manage to sell 1.2 million copies on PS3 and PS Vita just imagine what this publicity do to FFVII R.

I am calling it right now:
FFVII Remake will go down in history as "The Gaming event of the 8th Generation of Video Games."

Whether we get this game in installments or the Definitive Complete Edition it does not matter. Millions of gamers are gonna play this game.

shadowknight2032051d ago

I swear on my life years ago I read the same thing here on n4g, only it was users saying they'd gladly pay 100$+ for a remake of this game. This was back when but still, its just funny how it may actually now be a play the game. Guess publishers do listen to their fans lol

solar2051d ago

ONLY, if the return on investment is great. $180?! Get the eff bent. You ain't getting my money.

Me-Time2051d ago

If it ends up being fragments, I'm not paying a nickel for that kind of practice. @Kamikaze135 I agree completely with the first part of your comment about each part feeling like they worked hard on the story and everything else that makes a FF game amazing. I wonder how similar or not it'll be to Final Fantasy XV.

Kamikaze1352051d ago

You know, that's a pretty good question. SE didn't get to finish on XV and content is being cut out for DLC because of it as mentioned in some interview. From the start, they knew they could not finish VII in a timely manner, so they are just spiting it up into parts and announcing it from the start. With this in mind, I just hope each part feels like its own game via Mass Effect and the Lightning Trilogy, rather than feel like they split VII into several parts and each game feels incomplete.

solar2051d ago

But Sony would never, ever, never ever, in a million years do this to their fan base! They love us because they know we love them!

Jokes on you.

Me-Time2051d ago

Why do this? Why do some people think it's accepted and necessary to act like you are?

ZombieGamerMan2051d ago

Didn't know Sony was directly making this game, weird, they have a weird way of spelling it, Squere Enix is not how you spell it

rooie19912051d ago

its sqaure-enix that is devoloping the game not sony

guyman2051d ago

That's the dumbest comment I've read today. The game is being developed and published by square, pathetic troll.

solar2051d ago

It's ok children. you will educate yourselves one day to look past your own nose.

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3-4-52051d ago

* The one way I could see this working is if they turn FF7 into 3 stories.

* The Main FF7 story people know would have to be most of one of the games, with the other two being almost completely new stuff that adds to the story.

* Each game would have to be it's own 40-50 hour RPG.

^ Like that, it could work, but if they just split up the story everybody knows into 3 sections, that is a rip off.

die_fiend2051d ago

If they made this into just one game we'd be waiting so so long for this game to come out! People here just don't seem to get this, which is incredible given FFXV was announced about 10 years ago and we still don't have a release date.

Putting it into parts means we get to play it in this generation. If you don't like it, don't buy it. For the rest of us non-haters, I'll be lapping this up for nostalgia rather than making up a conspiracy from nothing...

pumpactionpimp2051d ago

Ff7 fans have been waiting almost 20 years for a chance to relive ff7. Maybe you don't understand, but after asking, and waiting for that long, I believe people would be happy to wait a few more years for a complete experience. Rather than having to pay for each individual bite of what's already a whole meal.

Granted some will buy out of impatience, but I think most will be happy to wait for a complete $60 experience.

pcz2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

why didnt they just develop the damn thing in secret about 3 years ago, and then announce it when they have finished it, and then release it all together, in one package.

instead of announcing it when the game is seemingly not even 20percent complete, and then saying they will drip feed it to the market.

wtf is up with the industry?

SarcasticDuck2051d ago

40 hours counting with side content? Are you serious?

Apollosupreme2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

Ok, so I'm a huge FF7 fan. I first bought a PS1 solely to play this game after experiencing it at a friends house. It sucked me back into gaming as a early teen and introduced me to a turn based JRPG genre that I grew to love. It truly was a game changer for me and probably stands still as my favourite game all time.

I've been waiting for this ever since Square started remaking the oldies for DS. Along the way there were so many false rumours and stupid rereleases, it was truly a piss off. Then finally the trailer and then finally game play and my heart begins to pound, almost like the feeling you get in meeting someone you care about and haven't seen in years.

Unfortunately this is not the Square I was introduced to back in '97. They do things differently and they do not listen to the fans. So now of course they decide to take this in a direction that no fan envisioned or wanted. Breaking the game up has its merits and it's downsides.

There is a lot of meat left on the bone when you look at FF7. Think back to all that you wished you could do, like explore ALL of Midgar in an open world experience? If that's where they take it then I'm interested but they need to ADD to the story, ADD side quests.

At first I hated the fact that there is no turn based battle system but I've softened on that stance. I've finished FF7 probably a half dozen times and so I don't need to revisit the old again. Not to mention that young gamers might not be into the old systems and so it's understandable that they'd try something out.

This all CAN world. There is a real climax when leaving Midgar with huge "final boss" level elements. In episodic format that could work. In fact the other two discs are the same. Something major occurs on each disc, storylines are closed and others are introduce or expended. This CAN work.

They need to make sure it hits key things though:
1. JRPG'ers appreciate value above all else. The main quest needs to run 30-40 at a stop to smell the roses pace. It needs to have side quests the stretch this out another 30-40 hours in an "end game" stage. This could be achieved by adding in side games such as a Midgar battle arena or motorcycle races, etc.
2. They need to stay true to the characters but developed them more. We're expecting full AAA games in each instalment after all.
3. This battle system better be so good, robust and smooth that we enjoy it to the point where we could spend endless hours just messing around without getting bored. Why? Because we're 'all' pissed they're taking our bread and butter old system away and that's how we felt about the old system back in the day.
4. This game must support current day staples such as coop and multiplayer. If they're talking up how things have changed they better damn well walk the walk.

I am staying hopeful that they don't f'this up but I am not preordering.

sk8ofmnd2051d ago

Square needs to troll us all and say for $$180 well give you... Ff7 remastered, dirge of cerberus, and crisis core 🙊🙉🙈 watch every man woman and child be like ohhhh take my monies!!!! 😹😹😹...

indysurfn2050d ago

PS4 has way too many games for me to pay 3 plus times for one game that broke the promise to return to their roots.

I can get three full JRPG's from the people that is taking Squares lunch money :))

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DarkOcelet2052d ago

I don't think Square would be that stupid to include Microtransactions in the Remake. If they do they can go fluck themselves and shove it in their ducks.

Kalebninja2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

What if the micro transactions are like costumes? Theyve done that before plus it would be something not in the original game so there wouldn't be anything to complain about.

Kurisu2052d ago

Purchase Gold Saucer credits for only...

No. They wouldn't.


nitus102051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

If you have ever played the game "Resonance of Fate"? There is a part of the game where you can put different clothing on your characters and the new cloths actually appear in cut scenes.

The selection of clothing (includes shoes, boots, belts, gasses) in this game is massive and there is no real world monetary cost to the player since you pay in game ruby's which you have to earn by doing missions or in the arena.

Even weapons in the game are customisable and like clothing there are no micro-transactions.

Playing a game like this, whether you like it or not really wakes you to blatant money grabs for charging for trivial things like clothing and weapons as part of micro-transactions since this game does not have any of that.

Note. I have no issues with DLC if they add-on to the game in the form of extra quests such as what you have with games like Skyrim or The Witcher.

Please don't get me started on what I think of "Pay to Win" games.

DarkOcelet2051d ago

I like to give them the benefit of the doubt on this game because this is one of their most important games in the history and they don't want to screw up that.

Apollosupreme2051d ago

If they do that then I agree. They can get the puck out of here because they're not scoring my money top shelf on the breakaway.

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Cyb3r2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

Sorry if this is a really dumb question but because FF7 Remake is going to be cut into separate parts will it still be a disc based game or digital only?

Kalebninja2052d ago

It'll be one disk in think and the other parts will be downloadable like expansions.

stuna12052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

I'm taking the whole game will be on 1 disc, but will require multiple unlock codes. Kind of like DLC included on disc in certain games.

As for charging $60 per part, not going to happen! The most I see them getting out of gamers $80 or, $90 max especially when it comes to PS4 players specifically after the TR debacle and all. Square can't afford to lose more trust with their fans. This would be the proverbial "Straw that breaks the Camels back!" I don't think Square is even that stupid to risk it!

The price of admission could in fact be speculation! Considering what some could call a full game, and that being said even now full game prices vary.

MasterCornholio2052d ago

They said there would be multiple releases and each one would contain a unique story and the content of an entire game.

Sounds like they are going to remake multiple FinalFantasy 7 games to me or that the remake, of the first one, will be so massive that it will span multiple disks.

It won't be episodic like a Tell Tales game.

ninsigma2052d ago

Definitely won't be like tell tales but I'm still on the fence about what kind of content will go into each release. Some of what they say makes me agree with you and that they are remaking the other ff7 games as well. But other statements just sounds like it really is the first one split up. Either way, if the content is there, then so am I.

Kalebninja2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

They didn't say multiple releases they said multiple parts

MasterCornholio2052d ago


But they said each part will contain as much content as a full game.

You really expect them to have one physical release and then obligate the consumer to buy the other parts in digital form?

That's just crazy. Each part will be released on a disk.

Kalebninja2052d ago

you're only assuming this but you're stating it as a fact. Plenty of games have the base and expansions that add onto the base game. Destiny and FFXIV for example, you can buy the expansions on disk but they will only add content to the original game and not be counted as a separate title.

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Griever2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

The short answer is that there are no concrete details as of right now. SE have not even cleared up what they mean by "multipart." Multiple episodes? Trilogy ala Mass Effect? Quadrology? Length of each part? Price of each part? Nothing is known. Maybe they dont know it themselves yet and are still deciding based on fanbase reaction and feedback. They will surely want to squeeze as much money as possible but they will try not cause any major backlash or outrage.

stuna12052d ago

That is what I think. People are not using their heads! The last thing Square needs or, wants is a backlash over price. People have been waiting decades for this release! Do they really believe Square is willing to price themselves out of actually being able to gain maximum sales on a hunch that the timeless nature of the game in question will overcome that obstacle!? Of course not! This is not even factoring in the cost of such a huge undertaking in developing it. They've already taken a huge hit with Tomb Raider, they are not prepared to take an even bigger one with FFVII.

NovaCorps2052d ago

they cant make this juggernaut digital only
it will be disc for sure

Quickstrike2052d ago

My prediction is digital only at first then release it all parts on disk (however many disk it will take) then when it's released on disk, release it for the other systems it was set to release for.

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Joe9132052d ago

Is it confirmed that it will be 3 games at $60 bucks a pop? If not lets see what SE do before getting pitch forks.