Rumoured New PS3 Exclusive: Savage Moon

If you're a European detective, you might have discovered that the German software ratings board (USK) is listing every game to appear at the upcoming Leipzig Games Convention. At least, most of them. This can result in some lovely new game titles, possibly spoiling certain publisher's announcements.

sonarus5819d ago

OMG Game of the yr confirmed. Savage moon craps all over FFXIII:p

morganfell5819d ago (Edited 5819d ago )

This could be the secret Sony title spoken about by the BBC reporter.

"I was shown a trailer for a game not due out till 2009 but was sworn to absolute secrecy," says the BBC reporter.

"Apparently, Sony just wanted to give a glimpse of what the console will be capable of."

He goes on to add: "In fact, the game is such a secret that when I mentioned the game to Phil Harrison last week he was unsure at first whether even to admit the title existed. When I explained I had been shown it under strict Non Disclosure Agreement terms he looked relieved."

Being careful not to reveal any specific details, he goes on to say: "I don't mean to be a tease - all I can say is that I was left speechless.

"If the footage I was shown truly is 'in game', as told to me by the Sony PR people, then we could be on the brink of a step change in what games consoles are capable of in terms of story-telling and immersion," reads the excited report.

After E3 the same reporter said the secret title was not MAG or Heavy Rain and was still unannounced.

BiggDaddy3115819d ago

There is a rumor going around that the BBC reporter game is called 'The Protector'. Being developed by London Studio's.

juuken5819d ago

If it's an rpg...I shall squeal and fall over.

Endorphin5819d ago

Says its a military strategy game fyi

Tomdc5819d ago

i dont want a strategy game or a fighting game!

I wanna RPG or PLATFORMER!!! Please...?

I was hoping for a new rpg title to be announced =( its still possible though.

kingOVsticks5819d ago

@morganfell: not so sure about Savage moon being the bbc secret game but what ever it is I hope it drop jaws

@BiggDaddy311 :seriously there are rumors coming out the A-hole about the secret game one site said it was "tears of blood" another a Ico game.Never heard of the Protector rumor but all I know when ever this game decides to rear its beautiful head my head will explode :(

morganfell5819d ago (Edited 5819d ago )

I wasn't aware The Protector rumor so lets look at that as a possibility. I had heard about the Team ICO bit.

London Studio is the largest single Sony Dev house in Europe - they have about 225 people there. But some of them would have needed to have been working on the new title all along as the London studio had been involved in The Getaway 3. 225 people is certainly enough to work on 2-3 games at a time.

If you want to pull a real piece of deduction you could say that the production on The Getaway 3 was halted to shift the majority of the Dev House to the new game. The production was halted for some reason and you just don't leave 225 people to sit around on their ass either. They are up to something.

@Tomdc. I want The Witcher on PS3. After that I want an RPG like The Witcher but set in the future he he.

BiggDaddy3115819d ago

Well I know alot of them are working on Home, Singstar and Buzz just completed. They are working on the 1:1 sword title for X-Mas which shouldn't be a big deal it is a PSN title. Media Molocule is part of London studio but I heard it was a small team on that project. So yeah there has to be a big game or 2 unannouced from that Studio since Getaway 3 was canned. I also heard that the Rockstar exclusive project is teaming with London for their game as well. We will see. And Sony probably looked at the projects planned and said lets can 8 days and Getaway and focus on these newer IPs. I don't think they would have canned those games unless they saw the potential for something even bigger down the pipe. Home is huge but not that huge.

My guess anyway.

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AStupidXbot5819d ago

I'm gonna be smart, its problably that MAG game.

consolewar5819d ago

tired of your promises and CGI videos.....let me guess 2025?
or at least announce 40 new games by the end of the year and deliver 15-20, no I guess they announce 5 and keep you waiting.
I'm still waiting for the year of the sony,lol.(they're probably using the Chinese calendar..lmao.

Sony's drought....waaaaaaaaaa....this is waiting.

ThatCanadianGuy5819d ago

It takes almost three years to make a quality AAA title.
(i dont mean halo or gears with 3 hour campaigns)

PS3 has been out for almost two years.
Look at the 09 lineup (year three)
Now shut up.

consolewar5819d ago

please return to stand by mode.....games are coming, eventually.

spandexxking5819d ago

jealous bots! they wish they could have the ps3 lineup. mmm now lets take a look at the 360's line-up(without laughing). plus i dont know about you but ive been playing some amazing games since i bought my ps3.

Shane Kim5818d ago

The thing is, that we have R&C, Resistance, Uncharted, GT5:P, MGS4 allready. PS3 isn't even 2 years old. All you butts have to talk about is either Halo or Gears. After almost 3 years. Pathetic.

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byge5819d ago

Guys i cant change the source since someone else already used ripten as the original source. Maybe if that can fail i'll be able to use it as the original source. Please.. :'(

techie5819d ago

Trick of the trade byge. Happy to be of service

byge5819d ago

Thanks man!! I'd give you a bubble but i think yours are full. :D

techie5819d ago

Damn I want 12! You can have one.

byge5819d ago

Thanks man you have one too :D

coolfool5818d ago

All this love......I think I'm welling up! *sniff*

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Killjoy30005819d ago

Sounds pretty cool. Judging by the title, it sounds like an RPG, but we'll see.

techie5819d ago

military strategy? Sounds more like an RTS

Killjoy30005819d ago

I mean by the title. You'd think it'd be an RPG.

theKiller5819d ago

it looks its gonna be massive!! will own all 360 games and SE games!!

"here am being too much of a fanboy so dont take this so seriously"

but i think it looks promising!! now we have to wait and see how it will turn out!! i hope more like FF franchise or like LBP and for sure not HAZE or LAIR!