Sony about to revolutionise online

CNET thinks Sony is about to change completely the way users interact online with the release of Playstation Home.

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Montrealien3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

This is going to be awesome, sony are so amazing and Home and what they do in the future is proof of this. I can`t wait, this is so incredible, Home and PSN will crush all and rule all, and it`s about time really, everything else is just lame and not worth our tile..

Let the revolution begin!

really though, I can`t wait to try out home, I hope I get in the closed beta to get an early taste. :D

King Me3745d ago

Then Sony will have nothing to worry about ;)

chasuk083745d ago

"The application will also be tailored to individual territories, with the American home square looking bigger and grander than the European one we saw recently."

Oh look USA favoritism again. I wonder how long SCEE is going to continue to treat us like crap.

PimpHandStrong3745d ago

i would rather it gets a full out launch with every PS3 owner able to get in. Atleast then they could patch it and call it a real online revolution!

Sony has been working on this for almost two years! I have faith it will add something to my online gaming!

Just look at Warhawk! If they make a room where 8 ppl can launch into a game after talking about who wants to do what on a virtal sandbox map that will add SOOOOOOOO much to online games! It will widen the gap between real clans and part timers in a hurry!

juuken3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )


Home will be amazing, no doubt. Sony had plenty of time to work on this. I really think they'll deliver and anyone with a brain could see it.

Hey, disagree as much as you want but you know it's coming. Yes, Sony didn't release Home at the time they promised it but they're not delaying it this time.

All disagrees revolve around pure jealousy.

Cajun Chicken3745d ago

Oh, you gotta be kidding me, I must of missed that bit. Not that crap again, why doesn't ANYONE treat EU/UK with respect and equality?
At least we get it and its free.

TheMART3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

"Home and PSN will crush all and rule all"

I've heard Sony saying that before. Actually they promised that from launch at the end of 2006 from day one. They weren't even close. It was just a mixed sort of PC server online gaming, scraped together on some sort of PS3 system that was gimped as hell.

They delayed, they delayed and I bet Home will dissapoint compared to the too high grown expectations. Nothing more then a gimmick really. That's just Sony. Early promises skyhigh, then delay, then dissapoint.

Wasn't Lair going to be the PS3 angle to resque it in 2007? Wasn't Haze to be the next Jesus, to top Halo 3 in the shooter genre?

With updates to 'match' XBL trophies for one game, but not the other, ingame cross game chat working gimped.

First seeing, then believing is the wisest thing to do with Sony.

felidae3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

it seems you´re very interested in everything ps3 related:-)

btw. Home is free - so it's a nice bonus.

you miss so many great games .. that's sad.

juuken3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Ah, but Mart...Sony doesn't rush things like Microsoft does on a daily basis now do they? When Sony releases something, they make sure it's top notch. Home will be top-notch when it eventually comes out. :]

BlackTar3745d ago

Grow up. Can t you be happy for ps3 owners or anything other then 360 only. Man learn to think for yourself learn to be open minded open for change etc. dont be a tool

Tomdc3745d ago

its not "about to" lol

home gunna be ages!

Closing3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

The thing is most people knew Haze was going to suck so stop the bs. Plus who needs to kill Halo? If I'm not mistaken Call of Duty 4 has topped it more often than not. If you want to talk about the next killer fps ap look no further than Killzone 2. Now that's a game people are hyped about so reserve judgement on that front until that game is release smartass.

As for Home this is one Sony owner that could care less. I don't care about this nerdy frills that either service offers because what's most important to me a more lag free environment, which psn has, and ontop of that is free. In my logical eyes it already destroys the competition.

jamenees3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

the only game with enough power to 'kill' Halo 3 revolves around a little guy named sackboy. I agree with above, who needs to kill Halo? I think they have a right to exist just the same as other bungie sided with Microsoft...nobody's perfect.

Tomdc3744d ago

why does halo need to be killed anyway?

its a good shooter but so what? There are plenty of others of equal standards...

Saint Sony3744d ago

ABOUT is as far as they go with any of their great promises. Just wait and see.. oh sorry, nothing to see. Move on!

masterg3744d ago

@TheMART at Xboxkings

Everytime I read your comments I get a little sadder.
A year ago there were 10 guys like you on N4G.

The other 9 backed up and quit because they saw where it was ending.
You on the other hand just don't get it.
Sony is doing good. Please get over it and move on.

Enjoy the titles you have on your 360.
I know I will be kicking your ass in Gears of War 2 :)
That is if you do indeed play games.

Tarasque3744d ago

I mean come on, everything is about or later on. I want it now not 2 years later. I am still waiting for games on the machine.

Torch3744d ago

"The other 9 backed up and quit because they saw where it was ending."

Rumour has it that HE WAS the other nine guys. :P

shelbygt333744d ago

I know that everyone on here thinks Home is going to be awesome, so I'm going to get tons of disagrees...

But I'm not looking forward to it. There. I said it. I feel better for it - like a weight has been lifted. I don't want a second life type of game. Never have. I don't care about my apartment. I don't care about my trophy level. I don't care about my achievements.

Torch3744d ago

Although I'm quite confident it's going to be a hit, and I am admittedly curious about it, I have to agree that I'm also in the minority along with you, and not eagerly rubbing my palms together in anticipation for the launch of Home.

Not because I think it's going to be bad; quite the opposite, actually. But to be honest, I just don't have the time (or patience) for it.

That said, there IS an overwhelming amount of teens/young adults who are just going to gobble up this application...precisely the demographic group Sony's aiming at, and not 34 year old geezers like myself.

Nineball21123744d ago

Tarasque posted: "I am still waiting for games on the machine."

Now see, comments like that are pure fanboy nonsense. I just did a quick filter on metacritic for games that have scored 70 or above (which most anyone would agree would be considered "good" games) and it returned a result of 113 games.

So please, stop with the "no games" BS. It's old, it's tiring, and it shows a lack of seriousness.

Also, @ shelbygt33... I don't see why anyone should disagree with you. You simply don't believe you'll like it. You didn't mindlessly bash it... you just stated your opinion reasonably. *shrugs* I don't agree with you, but I certainly won't give you a disagree.

shelbygt333744d ago

Good point on demographics. I would assume (even if I'm wrong)that a lot of the Home participants will be males between the ages of 14 - 23'ish. And yes, I did pull those numbers out of my rear :0

I don't fall in that category by a large margin, so perhaps that is the main reason I'm not really thinking about Home?

Good thinking.

Pnuts3744d ago

I hate the way some people remark on the problem that they dont want to be sad and have a second life. People all over the world are hooked onto social websites. But I dont hear anyone dissing myspace or facebook. For me Home is going to be a great, cause all me rugger m8s play the ps3 alot. So when Im not playing rugby with them I can be in Home talking to them. Its just another way to cummunicate. If xbox came out with Home and the ps3 didnt xbox fans would be rubbing it into ps3 users faces. I cant wait to watch sport inside of Home on the virtual tele, with other users!

Closing3744d ago

I don't like myspace or facebook so there you go.

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Zerodin3745d ago

You mean the way the PS3 crushed the Wii, and the 360? LOL!

Montrealien3745d ago

yep, that`s what I meant...

*rolls eyes*

krakdol3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

PS3 is indeed crushing 360 in worldwide sales, so yeah.

The Wii is a toy for children, who cares ?

pwnsause3745d ago

"The Bots are Coming! THe Bots are coming!!!" -Paul Revere

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

"The Bots are Crying! The Bots are Crying!!!" - Sir Ken Kutaragi ;-D

Well SONY revolutionised the Console Market!!! ;)

And Micro$luts hmm...well...
(i'll be back if i can think of anything they have revolutionised!!!)

Killjoy30003745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

That was good!
It's funny how you mention that when Sony is on an all-out rape spree on he sales charts with PS3. Sorry, assh0le, but you PHAILED!!

Stubacca3745d ago

"You mean the way the PS3 crushed the Wii, and the 360? LOL!"

-Yes. As Krakdol pointed out, wii-owners are children and women. I'd say wii-gamers, but it aint a machine for gamers. I know loads of folk who have one, but they have like 1 or 2 games each at max.

As for the 360, the PS3 has something that M$'s console is losing all the time -a little thing called consumer confidence. Which, given the economic stresses here in the west is a crucial element of the current console war.

Gaara_7243745d ago

you must be stupid lift the ps3 up 1 meter and drop it on ether a 360 or wii and bet you they get crushed lift the 360 up 10 meters ps3 wont even dent lift the wii up 40 meters and it might just might scratch it so yeh the ps3 is crushing them

juuken3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

The PS3 *is* crushing the 360 in sales you blundering moron.
Do you think a couple of rpg's will save the 360's ass? Microsoft needs a lot more than that, I'm afraid.

EDIT: Do not underestimate my quickness Ken. I am faster than a speeding bullet!

*crickets chirp*

...Not really but I'll still get there before you! :]

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Just because you got that Superman costume on in your 'Avatar' your not going to get to the Shops faster than me when 'LBP' comes out!!! ;-D
Hmm...wheres that Star Trek Transporter Teleport thingy gone!!! ;-D

Not if i find the Star Trek Transporter Teleport thingy juuken!!! ;-D
BEAM ME UP SCOTTY!!!(Straight to the PS3 section in the Shop!) ;)
SCOTTY!!! WTF!!! You Beamed me-up to the xBox 360 section!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! GET ME OUTTA HERE!!! IT'S SOOOOOO LAST GEN!!! ;-D

theKiller3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

everything they enter related to gaming industry

juuken3745d ago

*points at Ken and laughs* HAHA!
*flies away* >:3

3745d ago
JasonPC360PS3Wii3745d ago

And the bronze medal goes to.........? Isn't the 360 now outselling the PS3 in EU, US and Japan?

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

...God that was Horrible that xBox 360 section in that Shop!!! ;-D
All that Green!!! Yucky colour! +Outdated Technology!!! ;-D
All the xBox 360's were in the Bargain Bin!!!;-D
Next to some Original xBox's + DreamCast's + N64's + GameCube's + Saturn's etc etc...Wonder what Consoles KILLED them off??? ;)

@juuken ;) The only other Flying Superhero i can think of is Santa Claus!!! ;-D
He is real!!!;)
I'll think of a way SuperMan! er SuperSmilyManThingy HA HA HA!!! ;-D
LBP + SACK-BOY WILL BE MINE 1st!!! ;-P HA HA er HA!!!;)
...To be Continued... ...Only on Blu-ray...
(Er run out of Bubbles like!!!) ;)

gamersday083745d ago

F*ck off from PS3 threads. You're not welcomed here.

Everyone knows what you're trying to do here and we don't appreciate it.

---------> to your own 360 thread!

Either you're trying to start a flamewar or your 360 has been sent for repair AGAIN or BOTH. No wonder the 360 thread all have such low comment rates.

360 is a dying system...Well it's a broken system anyway destined to fail at launch. Go and play with your broken system when you get it back from M$ and LEAVE THE PS3 THREADS ALONE FOREVER!!!

Just do everyone a favour and f*ck off!

Kleptic3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

haha yeah Jason...the 360 outsold the PS3 in Japan for a all Sony has to do is stop selling the PS3 altogether for 4 years in japan, and the 360 will have matched its sales...

and Europe?...seriously dude just stop worrying about it...Sony sliced Europe and the 360's lead up in in just over 1 year (of which the 360 had been out for nearly 2.5 years)...

just focus on the US...thats all there is any hope for...hell the 360 still can't manage to outpace the PS2 in major sections of Europe, and definitely not in Japan...hasn't the PS2 sold more than the 360 in the last 2 years in those territories?...Isn't the PS2 like almost 10 years old? use even arguing about it...its an American gaming console and thats the only territory it holds any relevance...all you can do is hope Sony doesn't come and crush Microsoft in their home stadium...again...

JasonPC360PS3Wii3744d ago

No matter how you spin kleptic, the 360 right now has all three....... so take it.

themyk3744d ago

keep holding on jason.

you've still got that argument for the next few months.

Shane Kim3744d ago

Silence you driods, we here in MS has revolutionised copying.

And to Jason 360, way to go mate. You're telling other people to "don't spin this around" while you're the freaking spinmaster 3000.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3744d ago

You mean like when Sony is copying Trophies, cross game chat, friends list, online video marketplace, DLC and Home from Second Life?

Yeah because Sony started all thos things back in 1985, way before Micrsosoft ever thought of achievements, cross game chat (Sony hasn't copied voice yet), friends list, DLC, video marketplace, social online gaming network and a hard drive. Oh yeah how about gaming period, I'm sure Sony had the PS3 in the works way before Atari, Nintendo or Sega even shat thier first gaming thought.

You arn't a bright one are you?.... dumb sh!t, I know your ass hurts from this owning, so Walmart has butt pillows on sale this week.

ozps33744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

If only your mother & father (brother, sister) had used a c0nd0m. You twins of an ince$t relationship. no wonder you both have such a low iq and complete retards.

Pain3744d ago

No No No!! its not possible!! Xbox is da best!! Sony cant Innovate i dont wanna believe it!!! waaa waaa!!!

just shut up.

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MaximusPrime3745d ago

HOME is going to be AWESOME

DaKid3745d ago

I am really looking forward to it also. I hope they market this thing well.

King Me3745d ago

I think Home has the potential of being really successful if marketed right!

Kaneda3745d ago

yeah, I am not looking forward to hang out with a bunch of guys online.. :)

toughNAME3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Maybe they should revolutionize their definition of 'Release Date'

sonarus3745d ago

Lol good one. Alan wake says hi:)

Rice3745d ago

Too Human waves in agreement..

Montrealien3745d ago

I smell pancakes, in my Virtual pad. Now that`s a revolution!

cmrbe3745d ago

thats a good one tough

Adamalicious3745d ago

Kinda the way you're trying to revolutionize the definition of "troll" eh?

juuken3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Still being sarcastic?
Lol, and the average phantom disagreer.

Let me ask again.

Are you still being *sarcastic*? Or are you being ignorant yet again?

beoulve3745d ago

revolutionize release date? Gmail already revolutionize it.

3745d ago
3745d ago
solar3745d ago

revolutionize online? are you kidding? no. revolutionize a social medium where you can hang with friends, play in a virtual world, and see all of Sony's music and products? maybe.

3745d ago
Whoooop3745d ago


I don't understand why people have to take everything seriously...

Good one indeed...

Tarasque3744d ago

Give me a break sony is far worse at release dates than any company on the planet.

titntin3744d ago

"Maybe they should revolutionize their definition of 'Release Date' "

Care to show me a release date?

Its never had one - and still doesn't.

Montrealien3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

You seem to have taken a defensive stance on a stupid comment. What's the point?

we all know there is no release date and has been no release date.

Grown Folks Talk3744d ago

Killzone, Tekken 6, Gran Turismo 5, The Getaway, Final Fantasy XIII, ect, ect, right now. Argue all you want, but all of this crap goes both ways. Virtually (notice I said virtually) any argument you make against 1 system can also be made about the other.

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GiantEnemyCrab3745d ago

Yes, because you could never do this stuff in Second Life?

Your $ony ad dollars at work!

krakdol3745d ago

Nope. And you could even less in the expensive Crapbox Live.