Ranking 2015's Remastered Games - What to Play and What to Avoid

COG Writes: There have been a lot of remastered games this year, but not all of them have been good. We take some time to go through some of the best and worst to help you figure out which ones to play.

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MercilessDMercer2111d ago

Great list! I may or may not have a few of these already

Channel-Live2111d ago

It's a sad day in gaming when you have a Top REMASTERED GAMES list

hkgamer2110d ago

agreed, but I will pick up DmC. old games framerate on ps3 was just not as good as i wanted it to be.

1Victor2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

Eh no sly cooper collection 😱😢 It's a must play

Trekster_Gamer2111d ago

Crap list, gears of war remastered was awesome, priced right and proof of how it should be done!!


I thought gears of war was a damn good remaster. The nice coat of paint on the single player is a welcome addition and the multiplayer is beautiful.

Genuine-User2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

Gears of War UE is proof of how it shouldn't be done. An almost 10 year old game that runs at a fluctuating 30fps with screen-tearing. And Laggy online matches.

That said, the visual upgrade was really good but also a necessity.

OpieWinston2111d ago

Laggy online matches. Just because your internet is trash doesn't mean it's the games fault. And I had no problem wall bouncing, didn't experience a screen tear once.

Seriously do you just cry about everything you don't play?

maniacmayhem2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

I've been playing Gears of War remaster for a while and not once did I experience a laggy online match or even seen screen tearing.

Time to trade in that Zenith and upgrade from that 56k.

Fro_xoxo2111d ago

I feel like Gears mechanics is outdated. I wasn't feeling the campaign mode. And the AI ain't the best.

The face lift is good for such an old game tho'. It needed it.

Multiplayer is solid too...

DrumBeat2111d ago

Ain't the best? The AI is downright terrible. The classic MP still stands the test of time, though.

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TRS_Gear2110d ago

I read a really interesting interview with Rod Ferguson about some of that stuff. Apparently it was not an easy decision to go with the old AI engine, as they could have very easily went with the one from Gear 3, which is far superior. However he said that the behavior code for is completely different between the two, so they opted to game with the authentic feel of Gears 1, over a polished current feel.

I thinking the decision may have been the wrong one, as many people new the the series were just disappointed in how dated the game felt.

I personally liked it though.

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TRS_Gear2110d ago

I agree.

Gears UE was way too low on this list.

Considering the price, the fact that EVERY texture in the game was replaced, the additions to multiplayer, and that every cut-scene was re-filmed using new mo-cap. I'd say it a poor call to dismiss it so quickly, just because the author of the article felt the 10 year old gameplay now feels stale.

Gears: UE was truly "remastered" where several of the other higher ranked titles, you would be hard pressed to tell the difference between the two versions.

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ClayRules20122111d ago

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection was a great remaster for 2015 "in my opinion.
TLoU wasn't a 2015 Remastered game, but its my favorite remaster i've ever played.
GTA5 was a really great remaster as well "in my opinion"

YouTube videos don't do either of those remastered games justice.

I can't wait for Heavy Rain/Beyond Two Souls remastered, on disc for PS4.

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