Game of the Year Contender: Rocket League

Kevin from The Game Bolt: "It’s not very often that we have such an abundance of extraordinary games to consider when picking a Game of The Year, but 2015 has given us a sizable number of must-buy titles that could easily take the crown in almost any other year, with more on the way. When picking my personal Game of The Year, I thought back on the incredible year that the industry has given us and looked for a game fitting of the prestigious title. Rather than checking boxes for the best graphics or the most content, I wanted to give recognition to a game that gives an incredible experience while playing. Without a doubt in my mind, I picked a game that encourages progress and pure skill. This is a game that has time and time again rewarded my victories with a surge of emotions that could only be described as your “badass” nerve being struck with a sledgehammer. Rocket League is a game that truly stands in a league of its own."

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ZaWarudo2111d ago

I must be the only one who got bored of it within an hour.

Two-Face2111d ago

This game gets very fun once you learn how to do aerials, wall shots and dribble.

Within 1 hours you can't learn any of that awesome stuff.

Yi-Long2111d ago

Agreed. Easy to get into, hard to master. Like the best games. :)

Absolutely fantastic game, and very glad it was free with PS+, cause I'm not sure if I would have given it a try if it hadn't been free.

Certainly one of the best releases of the year.

PygmelionHunter2111d ago

Agreed. I can see why people praise it so much, though. It's just not my kind of game, unfortunately.

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