The Key to Nintendo NX’s Success

Katie Joell from Gamerscore Whores writes "Katie and Armik debate on what exactly Nintendo need to do to ensure that the Nintendo NX is a success. Can Nintendo launch a new machine mid-console lifecycle?"

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DarkOcelet2111d ago

Have 3rd Party support
Make more Mature Games
Market it well
Have more 1st party exclusives
And the most important one, Price It Right...

Relientk772111d ago

All that and also

1. Make it powerful, if its weaker than PS4 and Xbox it won't sell.
2. A name that's not terrible (i.e. Wii U)

higgins782111d ago

The Wii was 'weak', sold by the boatload. The Dreamcast was 'powerful', it flopped - sales. As for its name...give me a break! You place far too much emphasis on it.

Paytaa2111d ago

@higgins78 The sad fate of the Dreamcast had nothing to do with the hardware itself. Sega made questionable financial decisions with the Genesis and the Saturn which the latter got obliterated by the PSOne. The Dreamcast was the culmination of Sega going all out on a new console intended to be future proof but Sega didn't have the money to continue support and stick around in the console business which is why they phased out into a third-party.

The Wii was a phenomenon for a couple of reasons. It's target audience was children and non-gamer adults AKA the casual. It may have sold over 100m consoles but at the end of the day, the 360 and PS3 technically came out with a higher attach rate and more games (the Wii saw minimal third party support aside from watered down ports for example Wii ports of CoD). There were very solid games on the Wii like Super Mario Galaxy which it and it's sequel were 2 of the highest rated games last gen and of all time but that wasn't enough to really garner a more gamer centric audience.

The Wii U is what it is because of the Wii's shortcomings and it sucks because the Wii U is something different and has potential but like the Dreamcast it isn't getting properly supported and will be put on the backburner as soon as the NX launches.

ABizzel12111d ago

1. Simple Architecture (devs have no excuse)
2. Price ($249 for XBO / PS4 performance / gaming tablet....$399 for high-end)
3. Good Hardware (at least around XBO / PS4....otherwise 3 TFLOP)
4. Games (first and third party)
5. Crossplay with Wii U
6. Online, services, and Nintendo network

higgins782111d ago

3rd part support is chav fodder. Yes, it brings sales - but at what price?

'Mature' you say. That would be guns, violence at bad language - all ironically aimed at the adolescent.

It's too easy to say 'well'.

MORE 1st party exclusives!? Exactly what Nintendo has in abundance.

Like the marketing remark. What exactly is 'right'? The WiiU is priced accordingly. If the chavs choose to be taken in by shallow thrills on 'rival' consoles, its their loss.

DarkOcelet2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

The major problem with Nintendo is that most of their 1st party franchises is for family. And by Mature, i mean more games like Bayonetta, Metroid and more story oriented games.

Did you see how the Wii U was marketed? It was awful. Even Iwata said that.

filchron2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

back in the N64days nintendo had a crapton more 1st party games as well as Whole boatloads of amazing 2nd party studio games as well. the 2nd party studios arent really on wiiu at all

smashman982111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

Lol I agree with the 'mature' thing you said I don't need sex blood drugs and cursing for it to be a mature experience.

I would however appreciate more mature story telling. With deeper themes. But violence sex and drugs aren't necessary and honestly a mature game could be done with an e rating although a t rated game might be more exciting ultimately it depends on what kind of story your trying to tell.

But what Nintendo really needs is a clearer god damn message. Lol the Wii u's biggest problem was most people thought it was just a add-on for the Wii. When I wear my Nintendo shirts in public people often talk to me and say things like "did you hear they're making a new system? It's been like ten years" and I cry a little inside because its only been 3.

So Nintendo if you're listening call it something that evokes both a sense of nostalgia while not confusing normal people. For example the WiiU and Mii way be a terrible name but the NES X might make some people go oh man its a return to form.

3-4-52111d ago

* 3DS has great 3rd party support.

If Nintendo can find a way to get some of those developers to make games for the NX, they will be ok.

They already have Square-Enix on board, so I'm hoping others will follow.

DarkOcelet2111d ago

Yeah, but Wii U didn't, hopefully that changes with the NX.

I think it would be awesome if Capcom made a Monster Hunter game for the NX.

pcz2111d ago

1- the product. it needs to be interesting and have a clear purpose. if the idea of NX doesnt capture consumers imaginations and make them excited- it wont be successful.

2- the marketing. nintendo need to be clear and concise about what the nx is and what it actually does. they failed miserably in that regard with the wiiu. and if the patents for nx are anything to go by, they are going to have a very tough job explaining this thing...

3- the specs. it needs to be powerful, or at least more powerful than whats already on the console market. this will ensure the nx isnt obsolete within 2 years- it will be future proof. ie, unlike the wii and wiiu which aged rapidly since they used practically last gen tech when they launched.

4- 3rd party support. this doesnt really need explaining. it needs a wide variety of games

5-new first party ips. nintendo have definitely improved in this department, using 2nd party studios and also teaming up with other devs to produce some very interesting projects- but they need to continue to build on that momentum. i would like to see more core titles for mature audiences. nintendo shouldnt forget they have fans who have grown up.

6- price. it needs to be affordable.

7- no gimmicks. there is a difference between true innovation, and a cheap gimmick. the nx needs to be innovative, not gimmicky.

8- nintendo need to listen to their fans

zugdar2111d ago

Agree to all but the first party exclusives. N has more than any competitor and offer a mostly diverse list of game styles.

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98xpresent2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

Nintendo need to Change some of their fu*cked ways if they want the NX to succeed

filchron2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

They need to use their P2P rendering network to make the sweetest tech demos ever. an entirely new level of fidelity than just current graphics at 1080p 60fps, they need to raise the bar on next gen 3D game presentation like they did in 1996 Nintendo with the lush world of Super Mario 64 that had children glued to the demo station at blockbuster video to it for hrs. (this was before netflix and chill). What Mario NX should look like instead of 4k supermario 3D world: http://www.hanging-waters.c...

sk8ofmnd2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

1. No gimmicks.

2. Needs to be restructured from the top down by younger gamers more in touch with gaming trends.

3. Although i agree that power isnt everything, its one of the biggest reasons third party support abandoned them. So at least on par with 8th gen consoles.

4. Price! If they come to market late 2016 with the innards less or on par with 8th gen consoles, theres no such thing as a premium price. They better be in the 300-350 price point if they want to eat from the same table as the ps4 and xb1.

5. Come up with a better named nintendo console. Ive never liked the wii name. The other names grew on me over time.

6. Bring back the games we want! The wiiu never seen a metroid, zelda, fzero, pilotwings, nor many rpgs from their glory days.

7. Take chances and make new i.p.'s

8. Fix the state on nintendos online infrastructure. No voice chat is laughable at best in almost 2016. I cant tell you how aggravated i get when a wiiu game needs an update, and it wont let you play the game until doing so. Like if you dont have internet on xmas day imagine the look in your childs eyes.

9. Nintendo... Please Please Please do not make your controller an over priced gimick like with the wiiu. Prob one of the biggest reasons the wiiu failed.

Nintendo fans need to admit their system of choice needs an overhaul, and thats ok.

smashman982111d ago

Saying no gimmicks isn't fair everything you consider normal and obvious now was once a Nintendo gimmick. The d-pad, shoulder buttons, rumble feature now motion controls are starting to be used in smart ways without feeling invasive. Second screen gaming hasnt taken off yet most because developers aren't trying to use it to improve the experience instead they're trying to use it as an excuse to make extra money with minimal effort. However Nintendo proved it can be done and done well. So am I cool with a Nintendo gimmick yea I am. As long as the gimmick isn't something that can overshadow a normal gaming experience. In this case don't base your whole console on motion or touch controls instead just allow them .

sk8ofmnd2111d ago

The gimick i stated was in reguards to the wiiu. None of things you named hiked up the price of the console like the gamepad did. I have a wiiu and love the gamepad feature when playing xenoblade, but its issue was mainly the price and only nintendo first parties used it effectively. They may have remedied these issues marginally if the new mock ups of the nx controller are anything to go by.

smashman982111d ago

To be fair your first point was no gimmicks. Your last point did specify the Wii u controller but it didn't retract your first point although I do agree as I stated in my previous comment that a gimmick that overshadows the console and the games themselves isn't for the best. Nintendo best gimmick was the analog stick and even when they did that they left a d-pad on the controller in case that didn't pan out. But it did and it didn't cost a 100 dollars to include.

N4g_null2111d ago

Tech demos that get people excited. That is the main thing. The wii impressed because you could actually be in the game. Everyone keep parroting the same brain dead bs. The casual market cares about HD and 4k now and cheap and powerful. Ps4 is winning by default right now. 3rd party did a great job of funneling every one into the ps4. New ips and new studios would help also.

Yet you guys are ignoring what they have planned. The account system with real rewards, local cloud computing, one system to play all games means stuff like steam world hipster would be on the Wiig also, pokemon, on the Wiig also.

It also helps that Sony is almost silent 1st party wise. People want a new experience. Not a clone of the Xbox one.

Also why do you guys sound so frustrated? This is Nintendo problem and they are preparing a come back.

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