Global Sales Week Ending 11/28/2015

Gen 8 Hardware Sales
PS4 1,610,409 Total: 31,496,906
XOne 1,201,431 Total: 17,174,630
WiiU 268,235 Total: 11,243,204

Gen 8 Software Sales
PS4 9,194,792 Total: 170,237,448
XOne 5,518,870 Total: 91,060,503
WiiU 2,492,618 Total: 62,581,619

Top 5 Games:

1. Monster Hunter X (3DS) Capcom, 1,486,488
2. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (PS4) Activision 1,063,605
3. Star Wars Battlefront (2015) (PS4) Electronic Arts 951,401
4. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection (PS4) Sony Computer Entertainment 842,098
5. Fallout 4 (PS4) Bethesda Softworks 641,655

7. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (XOne) Microsoft Game Studios 576,629
8. Splatoon (WiiU) Nintendo 359,911
26. Rise of the Tomb Raider (XOne) Square Enix 169,783

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NukaCola2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

Well congratulations to Playstation for taking the competition to the ground. And congratulations on showing ThePope that the core of this industry is gaming and Sony is here to make this generation great.

Also, glad to see Xbox staying strong. I hope more people scoop up TR. Sucks to see such a great game get cast away from poor management within MS's ranks. I hope this wasn't a Phil decision because he's a good dude.

This is all edited! Its a crime to be excited I guess...

ThePope2607d ago

Couldn't resist could you? Both are kicking ass. Yet instead of playing games you play these numbers. I bet you're one of those guys who only owns a PS4 and are proud of it. You know what's funny though you are the ONLY one missing out (well those like you as well). Both consoles have launched can't miss games yet you're going to miss. We'll have fun!


Ninver2607d ago

why is the truth so hard for fanboys to swallow? all he/she stated was truth.

And you couldn't resist complaining could you?


Thatguy-3102607d ago

Again pope only because someone is stating the truth you shouldn't attack them. What you can't deal with the truth? The numbers are put out there for a reason. Do you just expect everyone to see and ignore them? Whether a title is selling good or bad people always have an opinion. You saw it when Fallout, COD, Halo numbers got out why wouldn't you expect it with this title. Just deal and accept the truth. It's not that hard.

welly3002607d ago

Nothin wrong with a bit of rivalry between camps keeps it interestin. Im lucky i own both but i do have a favourite.

jcc7372607d ago

Stating the truth?...guys, don't be so obstrusive, you know dang well what you're doing is trying to stick it to the other console owners. I own both, but the whole PS4/Sony does no wrong and X1/MS hate game is old. Just want to discuss games and have fun with fellow gamers. Many gamers on this site should grow up...

ThePope2607d ago

@those above

I think anyone that wouldn't own both consoles out of fanboy bias is a moron. Plain and simple.

Secondly those global sales are fantastic for both consoles and are very close which is telling as Sony has such a grip on Europe.

Ninver says the truth is hard to swallow? The only truth I know is I got to play GoW, Halo, Soma, Fallout, RoTR, and UC this holiday (my fingers hurt) and many of you like Ninver and Dboy missed out on some fantastic games. So Sony selling more is a win for you how???

Oh thats right it isn't lol.

TwoForce2607d ago

Are you seriously ? If you doing that, everyone will hate your guts.

2607d ago
SpinalRemains1382606d ago

Omg you're actually in pain, aren't you.

You're actually in physical and mental discomfort that PS4 is doing so well and that we recognize it as doing so well?

Why do you care so much?

ThePope2606d ago

I think you cats need to look in the mirror. The only people that brag as much as PS4 fanboys are guys with tiny....self-esteem.

NovaCorps2606d ago

ps4 31-32 mil
xbox 16mil...i dont see how the xbo is kicking ass

CaptainObvious8782606d ago

One of the reasons I don't get an xbone is because I wouldn't have that much time to enjoy it, but the main reason is MS themselves.

They were going to destroy console gaming as we knew it. That's no hyperbole. They were going to control every facet of my hobby, telling me when and where I could play, among other draconian measures.

Yes, MS have done a 180 on most things, but only because they were forced. I haven't forgiven and I can't trust them.

nix2606d ago

One day I'm not listening properly on n4g and boom.. I miss something.

UltraNova2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Damn that Uncharted collection sells like hotcakes! It even outsold F4 by 200,000 copies! Oh lord!

Edit: @nix

You like your internet warrior clashes don't ya hehehe..

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ScaReCrow902606d ago

Both consoles are selling better then their previous consoles.
In my book that means they're both kicking ass.

I'm glad to see Microsoft reaching 17million as there was a time when the ps4 had sold 17million no one thought it was a bad number then so why should it suddenly suck?

Props to both.

G20WLY2606d ago

For real? While I agree with your sentiment, the reason 17 million was a good number when the PS4 hit it was because of the small amount of time it reached it in.

1 million sales is good for these consoles in launch week. If they were still at 1 million now, that would be bad. Do you see?

That said, IMO 17 million for Xbox isn't bad, it's just not as amazing as it was when PS4 hit that number, as I've tried to illustrate for you.

Realms2606d ago

I don't understand why some people get so offended by other peoples opinions. The numbers are what they are. I guess that when you are a fanboy facts do seem to get in the way of logic and reason.

ThePope2607d ago

The attach rate for these systems are HUGE. Over 5! That's not including digital. Way to go MS and Sony gamers for buying lots of games. It's also interesting MS Lead the entire last gen with a higher attach rate yet this gem they're about dead even.

And console sales are dead. HA!

DeadlyOreo2607d ago

Holding on to last gens success are we pope? And no the attach rates are not dead even haha.

Congratulations to both, I agree. But obviously far more credit to Sony for stomping all over the competition this gen, and thoroughly deserved.

ThePope2607d ago

Hi Deadly,

Please enlighten me as to what the attach rates are than? I mean you and the 12 people that agree with you do know what attach rate is yes? What does your math tell you the attach rates are?

I can't wait to hear your answer as math doesn't offer "variation" on the answers. So I await you to enlighten me. Oh and any of the 12 people who agree with you can feel free to do the same. It should be entertaining!

2606d ago
ScaReCrow902606d ago

Actually the attach rates for both are at about 10% for both. And then slowly growing after launch. So I'd say even.

zsquaresoff2607d ago

Lara croft at #26 while Nathan drake at #4.

Microsoft wanted to compete with Uncharted 4 while they can't even compete with the Nathan drake collection.

MasterCornholio2607d ago

It should have done much better.

MasterCornholio2606d ago


I'm just saying a great game like that deserves better sales. Before anyone asks I'm just waiting for the PS4 version unless they cancel it.

ThePope2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

Getting RoTR wasn't about competing against UC. Unless it's exclusive (forever) it can't compete. It was about giving people yet another reason to buy an X1 this holiday. And it worked. So you can say what ever tickles your fancy but MS added TONs of new gamers to their platform this holiday.

zsquaresoff2607d ago

Phil Spencer specifically said that he got the exclusivity to Tomb raider so he can compete with Uncharted.

"Phil Spencer: Totally. I'm a big fan of Uncharted and I wish we had an action adventure game of that ilk. We've started some, and we've looked at them. But we don't have one today of that quality. This is an opportunity."

Thatguy-3102607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

Ummm the exclusivity was about competing with Uncharted 4. Phil specifically stated that in an interview. In fact it was more so the fact that they assumed TR was going to go up against Uncharted 4 during the holiday season. Uncharted got delayed and RoTTR fell on its face.

MasterCornholio2607d ago

Phill said that Xbox needed Uncharted so they bought TombRaider for a year.

ThePope2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

You guys take one quote and assume its the end all of the situation. Anything and everything they (MS and Sony) is about getting more consoles sold. SO more exclusives=more sales. Yes would MS like an adventure game as renouned as UC of course as Sony would love to have a Halo.

But TR no matter if it launched on every console since 1989 can do as well as UC its just doesn't have the same recognition among gamers.

So with that being a FACT, as I'm sure all of you will agree do you think Phil who has risen to a position and wealth many of us will only aspire towards doesn't understand that??

So IF he does and thats a pretty certain if than what is the only other reason he could have spent the money on TR? To sell more consoles! which has zero to do with competing against UC. There we go guys, I'll give you a little paint by numbers and well get you guys there!

Sunny_D2606d ago

"You guys take one quote and assume its the end all of the situation. Anything and everything they (MS and Sony) is about getting more consoles sold. SO more exclusives=more sales. Yes would MS like an adventure game as renouned as UC of course as Sony would love to have a Halo"

Seems like we keep moving those goal posts again huh?

Chevalier2606d ago

The quote was a fact and it was the specific reason Phil Spencer signed that deal. It's not misconstrued or anything. Seems if anything you don't have an idea what you're even talking about.

NovaCorps2606d ago

it was even spencer told this

ThePope2606d ago

Im going to make this easy for you cats as one thing is all you want to hear.

PS4 is better and Xbox sucks.

Enjoy! I have games to play. This BS you cats believe means nothing.

SpinalRemains1382606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Yes Xbox One is selling well. No one is saying it is a failure. It isn't, by any means.

Ppl are simply saying it's impressive that PS4 has sold more than twice the amount of Xboxes.

If Xbox One is doing well, then PS4 is crushing it. What's the big deal? This is the best for all of us. Both do well and we get more games.

ScaReCrow902606d ago

To be the games can't really compete. Uncharted and tomb raider are different games. One of them is completely linear the other isn't. One of them has tremendous wave based cover mechanic combat while the other is more freeform. One of them has rpg elements and the other doesn't. Not sure exactly how they compete but I know tomb raider is awesome.

G20WLY2606d ago

smdh Pope, you really are a glutton for punishment, aren't you?

Those were Phil's words, not the words of some Sony fanboy. Why do you struggle to accept this? And can you tell me how many people bought Xbox because it had the game before PC and PS4?

Both consoles are doing well (by their individual standards) and that's a nice thing. But one console has sold a HUGE amount more than the other and people are remarking on the matter, because this is a sales article...admittedly with vgchartz made up numbers, but it's all we have since MS went quiet on the subject.

Where did anyone here say 'PS4 is better and Xbox sucks'? I'll help you, they didn't, you're just being grumpy and overly dramatic, sore in your defeat.

Now you could peddle the rhetoric that gamers should play games, not sales, but you don't get to come into a sales article moaning that people dare discuss it without losing your credibility and - possibly - your marbles.

It's not healthy, mate. If you sink any deeper into denial, you're liable to drown.

ThePope2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )


You must be new on N4G, because this is a place where a positive article (or comment) about Xbox gets trolled hard. Comments downplaying a positive article or insane expressions of glee at negative ones. Open your eyes.

Let me ask you one question; Do you honestly believe that Phils idea of "competing against" UC was to get a game exclusive for a year?

I argue what he meant by that statement because it doesn't make business sense. Im a businessman and in no shape or form would TR ever compete against UC as a Multi plat OR exclusive. UC, Halo, Mario are the biggest brands in gaming and NOTHING competes with them. When games in these series launch its not just another Tuesday its an event.

If you are a big gamer, and I assume you are as you comment on game sites, you cant deny that fact. So knowing Phil is just as hardcore of a gamer as us, do you honestly thing he doesn't realize TR couldn't compete if its life depended on it? Just like the direct competition to those other games stand no chance. So did he mean "TR is going to be our UC killer" or did he mean "We have another great holiday exclusive that's in a genre of another beloved game"

That last comment I made was sarcastic. The rest of my comments are well articulated arguments. READ before you make comments.

G20WLY2606d ago

I’m not sure what your first paragraph is referring to, so I’ll just reply to the rest.

Yes, I believe that Phil wanted to compete with UC (since that’s what he said, and all) and it backfired spectacularly.

The timed exclusivity is irrelevant, since he and MS tried to avoid the ‘timed’ element and just allowed the press to assume that the deal was a full on exclusive. The fact it was discovered it would come to PC months later (and then to PS4) just put the cherry on the cake that was UC4 being delayed.

Ultimately, it’s done nothing to combat UC4 and all that’s left is that they had another game this holiday season that the competition didn’t – and even that failed them, because they hung it out to dry by launching alongside 3 of the year’s biggest games, hence why we see a great game not selling well.

I read all of your previous comments on this thread and that’s why I replied. I’m trying to help you. I can agree that they are well articulated comments, but your argument falls flat. Phil said what he said. MS did what they did. The sales of ROTR are what they are. These are facts, just like the PS4 outselling the Xbox – does that matter to everyone? Nope. But you need to accept reality and move on.

ThePope2606d ago


You're missing the point or ignoring it completely, I don't know.

I'm done with this argument. best wishes.

G20WLY2606d ago

Pope, I'm really not missing the point - I entered this discussion at a time I felt my view would be useful; it's me that decides my point, old chap, not you.

The point - as I make it - is that you are not accepting of the facts presented. Instead, you seem to be defending against some sort of imaginary attack.

Let's be honest're done with this discussion only because you have no bubbles left. Otherwise I have no doubt you would 'debate' it until the cows came home, continuing to believe your view to be gospel and everyone else's to be bat shit crazy, factual or otherwise.

Best wishes to you too, however, no ill feeling this end, mate.

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AnotherProGamer2606d ago

Doesn't bundle sales count to the total though? Like every Black Friday bundle came with Uncharted

zsquaresoff2606d ago

That was for Npd, they only count physical sales.

Not sure about vgcharts.

But it was confirmed that the Nathan drake collection bundle sold really well.

MasterCornholio2607d ago

I wasn't expecting the Uncharted Collection to do so well.


Looks like Uncharted 4 is going to have a lot of fans.

But it s VG charts so take it with a grain of salt.

stuna12607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

Reading these numbers by VGChartz the figures are still off.

Going by Sonys totals almost 4 weeks now, the PS4 was at 30.2 million consoles sold, but add 1.5 million to that total just for the U.S and you come up with 31.7 million or, 31.8 million after a complete add up.

My questions is where are the totals from the rest of the world going by VGChartz figuring!? Going by VGChartz figures the PS4 only sold an extra 100,000 consoles worldwide??

Technically their numbers are off by over 500,000 consoles and could be as high as 800,000.

Chevalier2606d ago

Suffice to say VGchartz was off by 1.5 million recently so their margin of error can be over a million units easily. They also overtrack Xbone by a huge margin as well.

SpinalRemains1382606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Two things.

Firstly, VG charts is not an LLC which has their own algorithm for calculating sales, nor does the guy have the actual data. So in short, he is making them up based on market trends.

Secondly, the guy is a known Xbox fan boy and always inflates Xbox sales while reducing Sony sales. (He probably still has PS3 at 81 million)

Always deduct 2 million from Xbox, per year available, and add 2 for PS per year available and you will have a more accurate picture.

2606d ago
81BX2606d ago

It probably wouldnt have done the same numbers without the uncharted 4 beta. Smart move by sony imo. Excellent series.

YinYangGaming2607d ago

Looking at these it seems both consoles have good attach rates in US & UK but it's the EU where you see a big difference between PS4 and X1, Europe is a huge territory for PS4 and Xbox need to do something big next time around if they want to take some of that market share in EU