Allison Road – who needs Silent Hills, anyway?

How an independent British studio is filling the gap left by the cancelled Hideo Kojima/Guillermo del Toro game… Chris Kesler (Lilith Ltd’s founder) talks about Allison Road’s journey

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DarkOcelet1092d ago

Great interview but Clickbait title.

Anyways, i hope this game is good because i have high hopes for it.

S2Killinit1092d ago

For those who would have liked P.T. To release on PSVR, take a gander at this! (:

OhMyGandhi1092d ago

also, "Layers of Fear". You can find it on Steam. Worth every penny.

S2Killinit1092d ago

I will have to check that out then. thanks.

kenwonobi1092d ago

I do! Then again I'm selfish. This looks good too. I want both.

TheMutator1092d ago


X-231092d ago

Don't like what that entails..."Screw the old, we'll use it as a blueprint and make something new".

By the end of next year I'm sure the nature in which the Silent Hills game was produced will be overly saturated by indie game makers a hundred times over. Like the Slender Man & Amnesia formula.

Allison Road looks good, but already I can see it for what it is and that's not a game based off of psychological horror, the showcase of the "Monster" in the game carries no real suspense to it, in the demo it appears out of nowhere and starts chasing you. That's not psychological horror.

Layers of Fear however is a different story, that is how you take a concept and expand on it, the entire section that was dedicated to the scene in PT was really well done, and that wasn't even the high point of the game. The scene in the nursery was what got me.

Anyway, point is to answer the title of the article "Who needs Silent Hills", the Silent Hill community needed Silent Hills. Kojima had something wonderful planned with Del Toro, and this would have revived the hell out of the Silent Hill brand, fans of that series have had it rough ever since Silent Hill: The Room I would say.

Had Kojima been allowed to push forward with the product it could have opened the eyes of other companies like Capcom, maybe they would have saw it was a market for those kind of games once more and would've toned down the Hollywood Summer Blockbuster Action Movie Aspect of the next Resident Evil and produced something much more like a homage to it's older games.

Instead that doesn't happen though, what we get now are a bunch of games by indie devs that will sensationalize that one aspect of PT that made the demo so memorable...also the way the demo was marketed on PSN and at the Show as not being anything special until that huge reavel after you beat it, was probably the most genius way of revealing a game we've seen for a long time...way to screw all that up Konami.

Also, sorry if someone got offended about my assessment of Allison Road, but it is what it is. Doesn't mean it won't be enjoyable, and I do think Layers of Fear is brilliant and is a true representation of what makes the psychological horror genre special.

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