How To Get “Classified” Gold Armor In Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3

If you’re thinking to yourself, “What is this Classified armor, and how do I get it?”, you’re not alone.

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GrimDragon2111d ago

Awesome game treyarch did good.

ZombieStalker2111d ago

Mediocre game at best. Single player is short and multiplayer is a rehash of previous COD games. Involves no strategy.

GrimDragon2111d ago

Yeah but the graphics are nice the gameplay is both fun and intuitive, the story is cool, and there's multiplayer stuff galore and tons of options and zombies bro come on zombies!!
All this and it only cost 60 bucks I can't find no fps on a console that offers this much for one price.

Wallstreet372111d ago

Stupidest task they make you do to get the gold armour for probably a specific character you like. It's stupid because they force you to spend hours trying to finish a task with other specialists you might not care for or enjoy to play with. So now I got to spend time using specialist I hate to use foh, that's dumb imo. They could have made it hard to get without forcing ppl to use other specialists to unlock.

JoeIsMad2111d ago

I think they do it to get you to play something you might not ordinarily play at all. I love the War Machine [Battery] class and if not for this task I would never play anything else. If it turns out I love the HIVE class but I never cared to try it, they did good by me.

Wallstreet372111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

I've tried all the Specialist and have unlocked all the Ruin costumes but will not spend time on the other specialists I dislike. I have tried and played with all of them but spending a large amount of hours trying to unlock armour for specialists I don't like doesn't sound fun for me which is my point.

Joel I understand what your saying but in my case those tasks weren't the reasons I tried the other classes, like many it was curiosity as I leveled up which for me is more of a reason ppl try the other class not locking a certain armour by having to unlock tasks with all the specialist. I don't agree with it.

MetroidFREAK212111d ago

I've got 7 out of the 9 specialists complete... Soon to be 8