Capcom makes it harder for modders to mod Street Fighter V? And censorship follows at Capcom-Unity

There seems to be no end to the ongoing controversies regarding Capcom´s upcoming fighting game "Street Fighter V" and censorship. This time it´s all about Capcom making it harder for PC modders to mod "Street Fighter V", and the fact that mods are closing down (and removing) threads from Capcom-Unity. So this is my (Robin Ek, The Gaming Ground) take on that matter.

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Activemessiah2107d ago

That is some buuuuuuuullsh*t.

TGG_overlord2107d ago

It´s insane man, Capcom seems to have gone full retard :S

breakpad2107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

fascistic mentalities in minorities keep ruining what the majority considers normal and enjoyable...i m sure that the 99 % of those who will play the SFV want it to remain unchanged (without censorship with hot characters) as it represents creators vision and not minorities complexes ..i didnt see any reaction from these minorities for the problematic , vulgar, crude annoyingly cringe over-demonstrated multisexual orientation of characters in Dragon AGE

Activemessiah2107d ago

It seems they've fallen prey to what essentially is a vocal minority

Blacklash932106d ago (Edited 2106d ago )


There is a minority that didn't like Dragon Age because the felt the sexualities of some of the characters was a major and annoying part of the game that devalued the characters (I didn't think so at all). And then there's a minority who feel that sexualization and fanservice are a big deal that devalues the characters in SFV (I don't think that at all either).

There's always a minority like that from some perspective, and they will complain. If you want change or to stop changes you don't want, focus on convincing the developer who actually makes the decisions instead of whining about the people that try to cause a stir over this stuff.

The problem is that developers aren't sticking to their guns when some people complain or might complain, not the complaints themselves. The former is addressable, the latter is inevitable.

breakpad2106d ago (Edited 2106d ago )

@Backlash ...up and down we say the same thing ...i dont complain about the cringe beastiality or overpromotion of homosexual orientation in Dragon Age ..but i complain that these people have double standards , complaining and destroying things that arent meant for their interests while accept and secretely smiling to other things (obnoxious for the majority) like Dragon Age..... the most ridiculous is that these people arent even plying games.... i say games must remain untouched whatever they depict ...normal people accepts that as standard...but people with complexes and fascism dont ..and just want to involve and destroy whatever is not serving their interests

XisThatKid2106d ago

Well considering we're going to be cross play with pc and ps4 it wouldn't be fair and could give a significant advantage in gameplay and data from pc to ps4 I see why this is an issue for them. And we all know Capcom don't lie people prodding in their games. Check fan made resident evil remakes asking others.

Eamon2106d ago

It seems you guys love to bash this "minority" does not even exist.

The reason capcom self-censored it is because of the provisional ESRB rating. It was likely that ESRB was going to rate Street Fighter V as Mature. No SF game ever went beyond Teen rating so Capcom was worried this may impact potential sales. So they went ahead and changed what they could to bring it down to Teen rating.

So actually this case has nothing to do with Social Justice Warriors or extreme feminists.

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DarkOcelet2107d ago

You know what piss me off, is that those vocal minority will not even buy the damn game and who will actually be annoyed by this? Its the people who will buy this game.

Stupid SJW needs to calm the f down and leave the gaming community alone.

Activemessiah2107d ago

All it takes is game devs to put their foot down and just say No, these games arent made for you.. dont like it? there's always Tetris, now p*ss off.

TGG_overlord2107d ago

We could always send them to a parallel dimension or universe ;)

002106d ago

that's how SJW poison communities, parasites that suck the host dry and then when everybody leaves they latch onto something else, they have ruined so much but it seems gamers are fighting back and the other communities are trying too do that as well.

vanity292106d ago

@ Active

Tetris involves some sort of penetration. Im triggered /s

showtimefolks2106d ago


But I thought we the daily vist9rs of this site are the vocal minority? Games are being labeled in so many different terms that it's hard to know where we belong lol

Teflon022106d ago

I love the fact, people stay trying to pin this on SJW and not Capcoms internal choices. Capcom said internally they chose the modifications to Mika/Cammy and they're not influenced by internal complaints in the matter. Just accept it. Also, no mods on a cross platform game is to be expected. It can possibly give pc players an advantage... Be realistic, it's pretty much common sense to be balanced among console and PC

nosferatuzodd2106d ago

Well said these people just don't like gamers or they hate to see gamers have fun,look on a movie like human centipede.
that's the most disgusting movie I've ever come across someone recommended it to me after seeing 45 min of that trash I stopped the video I don't see the pitch fork out for this crap who ever produce that movie must be high on something but a sexy costume her or a erotic pose there is a problem, this is why I say western journalism is the worst type of hypocrisy there is..

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N4GGuy242106d ago (Edited 2106d ago )

Capcom says it was their internal choices but some how people still point to imaginery SJW forces with no evidence or facts with their bias. Only makes the gaming community sound like bunch of 12yr old virgin losers who get off to animated girls.

Veneno2106d ago

That's pretty ignorant. Obviously there's a force of some kind if they are going to censor the game in one part of the world and not the other. This happens all the time in Australia. Extreme violence is censored all the time or the game is not released. Some idiot had a reaction to the butt slap.

Companies lie dude. Especially Capcom.

Eamon2106d ago

No force. It's just ESRB. Capcom wouldn't risk SFV being rated as Mature.

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breakpad2107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )


TGG_overlord2107d ago

It seems like Capcom are about to become the next Konami :S

winter_hill2106d ago

Hard to imagine anyone being as bad as Konami at the moment.

Kalebninja2107d ago

Sucks about modding but for the censorship as Charlie Sheen would say "winning".

TGG_overlord2107d ago

True, I still believe that the mod community will solve that problem as soon as SFV gets released in February.

DragonKnight2106d ago

@Kalebninja: I hope that that "winning" was sarcasm, because if not then you have some serious mental problems if electronic representations of fictional humans cause you any kind of duress.

Kalebninja2106d ago

I've no issues and it wasnt sarcasm :)

Teflon022106d ago

You don't need to have an issue with it to think it was acceptable, especially when they said it was an internal choice and not externally influenced. It's winning to me as well. I have no actual issues with it and didn't notice anything by it (I play hyperdimension and watch anime lol, so it's too normal to see that). But when I think about the fact now that my top character is Cammy, and intead of a sexual Vag shot, they'll have it emphasize on her landing which looks badass, and you can check out the appeal later, is a win for me. Mika's w.e. The way the changed it, I'd never notice if people weren't complaining lol. It's not like they changed cammy's clothes saying it's too sexy or something.

DragonKnight2106d ago

You both have issues. A) No company with a solid PR department will ever say "we did it because of SJWs"

B) That you think censorship is winning is very telling about the both of you. You actually concern yourselves with the appearance of fictional beings who aren't at all human. They are 1s and 0s and you're happy that a company decided to change their original vision so people like you wouldn't get offended. That's really sad. That's quite pathetic actually.

Halo2ODST22106d ago

what is your issues with fictional representations? if they are very serious, considering seeing a specialist.

TGG_overlord2106d ago

I think Kalebninja is trolling, because who would want censorship in their games?

Kalebninja2106d ago

Lol, insult me all you want but guess what. Still getting what I want, slowly but increasingly.

madjedi2106d ago

And this is something to be proud of. Jesus that is pathetic.

Actually what is happening is people across various mediums and walks of life are getting tired of you special snowflakes trying to ban or censor anything and everything that hurts your feelings.


Your assuming that his/her cause is actually a just or noble one, I think it is a simple grab for power or authority. Regardless of the body count.

Look at how university students trample upon other students/teachers rights when one individual dares say something they find offensive.

Look up yale, university of missiouri, and other incidents, where the activist acted worse than the alleged offenses.

Capcom is not the only developer that makes fighting games.

TGG_overlord2106d ago

Good thing for you, and I will get what I want as soon as the modders has worked their magic on the PC version of SFV ;)

Concertoine2106d ago (Edited 2106d ago )

I'm not going to insult you, I just want to hear your perspective on why censorship is correct. And why you feel the need to thumb your nose at people who don't like it.

I mean, that's just like your opinion man. Why dance around on n4g when you get what you want, don't you think that makes you look a little bad for your cause?

Teflon022106d ago

I'm not the poster, but the idea that you're using censorship as the word to describe an internal choice by Capcom is wrong. It's also wrong to tell capcom the vision they have is wrong. Capcom wants the most comfortable game they can give. Not like they won't have skimpy costumes that are worse etc. But those are choices, not something forced on players so it's w.e.

TGG_overlord2106d ago

That´s what trolls do...

JOWAPPO2106d ago (Edited 2106d ago )

Teflon, just because a company says something, doesn't mean they're being truthful (it's called PR spin).

This is indeed an instance of censorship. It may not be the choice of anyone except Capcom, but that doesn't mean it isn't censorship. They suppressed/removed something from the game on the grounds that some may find it offensive. That's called censorship. That's what censorship is.

The comparison that you used with altering a drawn character's breasts based on artistic direction doesn't hold any water either, because A) the butt slap is still IN the game; the animation didn't change, nor did the character's overt sexualization in general, so it's still clearly a part of the intended design. And B) the decision to suppress this animation had nothing to do with game design, it was a matter of "not offending anyone". So in other words, it was last-minute pandering to a vocal minority, obviously due to the current environment created from this minority's relatively recent ravings against female video game characters in the past year or so (hence, 'external influence', hence 'PR bull****').

But why this fails (and HARD), is because this vocal minority, if they wanted to, will find something to complain about ANYWAY (it's their entire shtick); they don't play video games, they complain about them as a means to an end.

Also, the fact that Capcom thinks one animation of a cartoony over-the-top character will determine whether or not someone is interested in spending $60+ on a cartoony over-the-top fighting game just shows how misguided they truly are.

If they really wanted to appeal to as many people as possible, they should've made the sexually suggestive animations a mature content option (I'm sure family room players would appreciate that), instead of piss off their core fanbase with this nonsense.

This was absolutely the WORST POSSIBLE WAY they could've handled it in terms of helping sales.

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